Fullname: Rian of Cameron
Alias: Mister Cee
Age1: 177 (Birthdate: 18 February 1840)
Features: looks to be in his late twenties, has dark brown hair and eyes
Height: 5'9" (or 175cm)
House: Blood of Oberon
Blood of Storms
Blood of Chantris
Themesong: He's a Pirate
Played By: Andrew Lee Potts
Assignment: None
Rank: Commoner?
Titles: Mister

Rian is the child of a liaison between Prince Caine of Amber and Jocelyn Chantris. He is a Minosian pirate who spent most of his life on the seas after growing up on Cameron in Minos.

Public History

Rian is a Stormblooded Minosian mariner who has been sailing the shadow seas for over a century and a half on countless ships (other players are encouraged to ask about having connections to Rian, either as crew mates or having crossed swords; literally or figuratively).

Roleplay Hooks

Associates and Connections


Other People

  • Amberites
    • Celeste: A former lover from his first time in Amber, Rian is working on forging a new association with her.
  • Minosians
    • John (aka Captain Redhand): At one time Rian served on The Starchaser under him.
    • Maereina (aka Captain Midnight): Rian knows Mae (as he calls her) from their time together as crewmen on The Starchaser. She also recently helped him return to Amber. In addition, he has found out that she's married his father.


  • Keir: Rian's animal companion (+token Rian's FAW on the MUSH). He is a Sukhoti miniature gryphon.
  • Iynx: Rian's second gryphon (+token Rian's FBZ on the MUSH). She is Keir's mate more than Rian's companion.



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