Fullname: Robert Feldane
Alias: Red Letter, Ghost Seer
Age1: Over 500
Features: Dark green eyes, chestnut hair with a redder toned beard
Height: 5'10
House: House Feldane, Fiona's brood
Themesong: none
Played By: Viggo Mortensen
Assignment: Lord Seneschal of House Feldane
Rank: Duke in Waiting
Titles: Lord Feldane


Standing a few inches below six feet, the man sports a solid and robust physique, corded with palpable agility and brawn. Lank tresses on the redder side of brown are cropped to shoulder length and left to their own devices whilst the stubble that marks his well defined jaw shows an even richer shade of red. Dark green eyes attest to a life that has been both hard and adventurous.

Sturdy wool and linen in natural tones provide a tunic and leggings. His gloves, belt and boots are lusterless leather. He wears the commonly seen cloak in favor of a coat, calf-length and mantled of durable cloth. Oiled to be waterproof, it's slightly crumpled, worn, and not quite clean. A hand and a half sword is his constant companion, sheathed over his back beneath his cloak.

Public History

Robert is undoubtedly Kite, everything about him screams it from the accent of his voice to the style of clothing and weaponry he wears. He was adopted by one of the Thane's, and put to use as a known blood mage and seer in the courts for some years. What else he has said of his past includes long years spent raiding with the fleets, pirating and experiencing life to the full.

He arrived in Amber a number of years ago now, and soon found himself a wife, on their second meeting no less. Many rumors abounded about how he managed to persuade the elusive Taleyn Feldane to marry him, but it was a swift wedding at her hospital bed. Some talk of magery, others that the girl had just been prey to a mental trump attack and she was not in her full faculty. Either way the pair have remained married, even throughout Taleyn's continued absence in shadow. Or maybe because of it. They have a young son by the name of Ash, who is 18 months old now, which ties in remarkably closely with their wedding date.

Robert spends much of his time at House Feldane. He runs the House on a day to day basis with the support of Duchess Irene and sometimes in opposition to Duke Basil. He was the instigator of a line of ghost-hounds whose abilities allow them to help the House with it's Duty. But there are dark rumors about the man and a number of Feldane's carry bone smithed items which are said to be made by his hand. An art which touches upon the forbidden.

The official records at the palace also list one Robert Feldane as an adopted son of Princess Fiona.

Associates and Connections

  • Taleyn, beloved wife and mother of his son Ash
  • Fiona, Princess and adoptive Mother
  • Quinlan, adoptive brother and supplier of mummies
  • Lara, recently discovered Chantris daughter
  • Basil, disapproving Duke and father-in-law
  • Spectre, ghost hound and constant companion


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