Fullname: Miss Ruby
Alias: Captain Incarnate, Ruby Strongbod
Age1: Appears 30
Features: Black dreadlocks / Dark brown eyes, the left cataract smokey white
Height: 7 feet
House: Blood of Storms / Ice Queen
Themesong: "Go With The Flow", Queens of the Stone Age. "T.O.R.N.A.D.O.", The Go! Team
Played By: Danai Gurira - On steroids
Assignment: Tattoo Artist, Forge Mistress
Rank: Bosun
Titles: Miss


By most standards this woman is above average in height. Approaching seven feet and heavily muscled, to say she looks used to physical labor would be an understatement. Exceptionally dark skinned, this has not stopped her from receiving a myriad of tattoos. A wide assortment of skulls, knives, lightning bolts, gills and mythological creatures make up the lion's share of designs. These in turn have the additional challenge of competing with scar tissue. While she's not a walking scratchpad, she bears the evidence of either an almost terminally clumsy life or rather just one full of close shaves and misadventures. Her eyes are large, though one looks to have suffered damage and is an unhealthy hue. Her nose is on the broad side as is the width of her usually smiling mouth. Her hair is tied back, braided from the scalp into a collection of dreadlocks.

About her brow, helping to keep errant hair away from her face is a thick headband of mozaic patterns. She wears three lockets of heavy medallions around her neck, their shapes respectably Heart, Spade and Diamond. Protecting her forearms are formed pieces of metal, strapped to her by leather buckles. Her digits are encased in thin cloth strips. All nine of them. About her midsection is a tight shirt of cotton, banded about the waist by a thick leather corset. Below her waist is a set of loose trousers and leather sandals, one of which displays a foot missing a toe. She's usually armed, at times wielding large sledges, scimitars and an intimidating storm pistol

Public History

Ruby has been seen in the company of a number of folk from Amber, Rebma and Minos. When in Amber she can most reliably be found loping in and out of the Frozen Seas Glass Shop or House Mandrake. She has mentioned more than once that she is in the employ of Captain Meijanri Kell, of the soon to be built Ice Queen. She'll also proudly declare herself Bosun of the vessel and the one responsible for keeping the Captain's hands as clean as possible. The large woman has also struck up a business arrangement Walter who owns Quintessence, providing an artistic service to customers in need of magical and mundane tattoos. She's also providing sweat and labour in House Mandrake's forge, having made a very serious business arrangement with the Duchess Celeste. Most recently she's been rumoured to have begun an apprenticeship under the extremely talented Captain Maereina Midnight. And she has been known to disappear for days at a time, striking off on a seaborne voyage and returning looking disheveled and thoroughly exhausted. It's like she doesn't sleep or something.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Tattoos - Ruby is a walking advertisement. A great deal of her body is a canvas of tattooed art. Some have been heavily scarred however.
  • Adventure - If there is physical exertion and danger involved, she's on board with most plans.
  • Violence - Sometimes there's only one way to solve a problem.
  • Horror - The things in the deep get lonely sometimes. Especially if they're not fed their due.
  • Comedy - She inadvertently comes off a little odd sometimes. Especially when her mouth really gets moving.
  • Innuendo - It happens.
  • Feats of strength - She's obsessed with becoming stronger.
  • Minos - She's an amnesiac, but she's spent a great deal of time in Minosian territory.
  • Weapons - The best defense is a good offense. A crafting passion equal to her tattoo art.
  • Undine - Obviously not one, but feels a strong kinship with the culture she perceives.
  • The Golden Apple - There's a rumour that she served aboard the ship in the past.

Associates and Connections

  • Meijanri Kell (Frozen Seas Glass Shop) - There's a fierce protectiveness for the Undine, and some imprinting going on.
  • Captain Merrisol (Merrisol) - He's okay, for a bloke. This is praise worthy.
  • Captain Flame (Maggie) - A tremendous influence. Trying not to disappoint.
  • Captain Midnight (Maereina) - Famed cream of the crop crafter. So much to learn.
  • Martin - Awfully nice for a ruler.
  • Gerard - Possibly daddy, and potential for imprinting on.
  • Mercier - Consummate gentleman and knows how to use a tie properly.
  • Autumn - Pathian ambassador and source of insight and wisdom.
  • Amethyst - Queen of Kitezh and sometimes freaking scary dragon.
  • Celeste - Ex-Duchess of House Mandrake and sometimes freaking scary dragon.
  • House Mandrake - Pumping them bellows. Hammering them anvils.
  • Flora - A chance meeting turns into a new avenue for fate and improvement.
  • Gaval - A man of strange hidden talents and quick wit. Stick to well lit rooms.
  • Cristof - A healer who isn't afraid to take risks. Awfully sensible, logical and nice for a bloke. Must be a trick.
  • Julian - Possibly daddy, and potential for imprinting on.
  • Vael - Forest spirit that rides giant wolves. Instinct says to run very, very fast.
  • Jondrim - Infuriating Mandrake. For every attractive quality, there's an equal urge to try and apply pressure around his neck.
  • Catriona - Possesses the keys to many locked doors. The secrets behind such are so tantalizingly dire.
  • Jokul - Uber-strong Kite with a primal edge. Rawr.
  • Matthias - Fastball special + very tough. Dangerous combination.
  • Chase - Conversations possible when in human guise….but conversations consist of wild gibberings otherwise. Constantly disappoint.
  • Liyandra - Sukhoti femme. Plagued by giant jaguar.
  • Caine - Scary.
  • Wynter - Do not look directly in the eyes. Must not disappoint.
  • Gygr - True giantess. Occasionally disappoints.
  • Tara - Left her signature and her mark. It aches still.


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