Fullname: Saul Tobias Windchaser
Alias: Moose, Saully
Age1: Feeling old, looking as old as 30 sometimes
Features: Shaggy ill cut brown hair / brown eyes that go to black
Height: 6'4"
House: House of Gerard / Knight of Corwin
Themesong: "Carry on My Wayward Son", Kansas
Played By: Jared Padalecki
Assignment: Knight of Corwin
Rank: Knight
Titles: Saul, Saully


Broody, sullen, and dark, he carries his mercurial moods with a hint of attitude. Saul is built of solid muscle and reaches 6'4". He looks to be in his late-twenties. Unstyled shoulder length dark brown hair frequently falls into brown eyes in a shaggy cut. His face is long, especially the nose, drawing attention to a slightly asymmetrical smile and thin lips. A few days worth of stubble obscures a fading white scar extending from his right ear to his jaw. His hands and feet are large, nails short and clean. He is dressed in black with the exception of a single thin white collar at his throat. His leather pants have been brushed and aired to clean. His boots are shiny and do not try to conceal a compact hunting knife. A shirt and heavy jacket are made of fine wool. His show wear but are clean and in reasonable condition. At his hip is a sword of black metal.

Public History

  • Codependency problem (see Elijah).
  • Originally showed up from Weir guarding Duke Cosimo of Mandraked, worked for Mandrake with Elijah until the brothers decided their loyalty shouldn't be divided.
  • Sons of Emrys. Grandsons of Eric. Adopted by Gerard. (They originally thought their father had been killed in a demon attack on their Clan and a problem between their parents stopped them from finding out the truth until later in life).
  • Knights of Corwin.
  • He has a history of trying to save people including those who don't want to be saved.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Black mark.
  • Weir.
  • Afraid of red heads.
  • Priest/shaman/troubled soul.

Associates and Connections

  • Corwin
  • Elijah
  • Knights of Chaos


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