Fullname: Unknown
Alias: Sid, Doc
Age1: Unknown
Features: Dark brown hair / Brown eyes
Height: 5'4"
House: Minos, Chantris / Triskelion Fleet
Themesong: "Alice", Tom Waits
Played By: Astrid Berges-Frisbey
Assignment: Barber-Surgeon on the Beast
Rank: None
Titles: Miss


Sidonie is a young woman of middling height with generously freckled, tanned skin and a spare, athletic build. Her dark brown hair is lightened to a golden brown at the temples and crown by the sun, and kept in coil of three braids at the nape of her neck. While her strong, straight eyebrows and angular jaw can make her look rather austere, her face is softened by large, warm brown eyes and a dimple on her left cheek when she smiles.

Perched on her straight nose are brass wire-frame glasses with small, thick oval-shaped lenses. She wears a linen blouse with lace at the collar buttoned all the way up, tucked into dark gray wool breeches, which in turn are tucked into brown leather boots that go up to just below the knee. Over this is a fitted gray brocade vest with brass buttons and a brown leather belt around her waist. Should the occasion call for it, attached to her belt is a simple leather scabbard, which houses a fine-looking, ancient cutlass with a jeweled hilt.


Image by Merrisol

Public History

Sidonie is a member of the Beast's crew, good with a sword and a scalpel. Little else is known about her.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Amnesia
  • Minos
  • Chanris
  • Surgery
  • Haircuts
  • Pirates
  • Adventure
  • Swordfighting

Associates and Connections

  • Ashby: Dashing benefactor
  • Ruby: Boss and hero Logs
  • Merrisol: Finally a friend! Logs
  • Mercier: Mysterious and handsome
  • Wynter: Wind enchantress!
  • Maggie: Marvelous fiery-haired captain!
  • Clive: Good Selkie's Kiss(er)!
  • Deonte: First (scary) friend
  • Celaeno: Good with a parasol upside the head
  • Chase: Better doctor, for sure
  • Niles: Holds the keys to a mystery
  • Shao: Cool dude, hates rats
  • Rosario: Really, really strong!
  • Zachary: Strange fellow, always seems to know where he's going Logs
  • Keryk: Dat rifle!


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