Fullname: Siroteph Al Jinn
Alias: Siro
Age1: Mature
Features: Bald Head, Dark Eyes, Brutal Mug
Height: 6'6
House: Alhambran Royal Son
Themesong: -
Played By: Kratos
Assignment: Defense of the Light's City
Rank: Amir
Titles: Amir



Siroteph is a man who stands on honor and propriety. He is antiquated in many ways, coming from traditional customs that have changed in the time he was beneath the sand. Though he looks a brute, he is actually very, very proper. It is in his instinct to guard and protect those that he values, his home, and his culture. When these things are in danger, his temper is quick to snap and the tentative hold he has on his humanity has the potential to shatter. He is, after all, though those who know it are incredibly few, a walking dead man awakened by an act of desecration and kept in his state by ancient ritual and oath.



Many generations ago, Siroteph was an Amir, a feared legend of sword and fire, and the Guardian of the Noor, his twin sister. Time passed, she died, and he joined her in her tomb to continue to guard her into the afterlife. Now he's back walking among the living; drawn somehow from his vigil in a time when his legend is forgotten by all but the most scholarly historians.

These days, with the most dire threats against his sister's eternal rest dealt with, he has made time to serve Alhambra again, unable to walk away from that duty even now. He concerns himself most with the army and the defenses of the Noor's city, with diplomatic matters as a member of the royal lineage, and with the potential of the Black Sands as an open door to trouble in Alhambra. He can easily be found around Irem Zhat al Imad.

Gifts of Note

  • BLD-AL - Blood of Alhambra: He is of royal descent, the son of one Noor and sister to another.
  • DEA-DE - Dead : Yes, he is quite dead.
  • DEA-ML - Mantle of Life: But one would be hard pressed to tell.

Known Associates


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