Strange Nightmares...
Strange Nightmares…
Location: Veronica's suite in the Chantris Manor in Amber
Date: August 30th, 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: After waking screaming, Veronica calls for Iolion. It takes most of the day before he gets her yelled "Whisper" and he immediately Trumps her. She tells him about the nightmares that woke her and occupied her mind the entire day because she is concerned they are omens of some sort.
Characters: Iolion and Veronica
NPCs: none

It's been a pleasant couple of days since the meeting in Vialle's studio in the Palace and over those couple of days Veronica has remembered that night while researching various subjects in the Chantris library and libraries in distant Shadow and had pleasant dreams for the three nights following. However, this last night she slept poorly as she was plagued by two nightmares - - each one waking her up with a start each time. After the first, she had some hot chocolate brought to her room and after drinking it she returned to sleep. After the second she threw a window open and… well, the power is called Whispering into the Wind but yelling does not prevent the magic from working - - "Iolion! I need you!" she yells out the window and then, after taking a breath, she more calmly says, "I am safe, just… please find me at the manor."

She knew he'd likely traveled far from Amber since the other day and that it might take hours for her words to reach him… plus dawn was close so she created lights in her sitting room, curled up in a chair and read until breakfast time. After eating she tried to do some research in the Library but couldn't focus and found, by lunch time, that all she'd done is reorganize a set of shelves a couple of times.

After lunch she tried to work on the blades she'd begun the day before and again found her focus off… to the point where she set aside the work as scrap to return to billets to start over again in a day or so. On leaving the forge she takes a warm bath and is, by late afternoon, relaxing in her sitting room with a towel secured around her body and another wrapped around her head reading a Begman historical romance.

When the summons was received Iolion blundering about in Shadows that could only be described with incredibly strange physics, the sort of thing to make Einstein reach for the Excedrin: closed, multiply-connected spaces where he could see an infinite number of himselves stretching out to the horizon, all of them *him*, one being, one instance, an infinite sea of reflections. As he moves - - very slowly - - he can see, in the curving sea of space-time, a wave of flesh. Everyone moves in perfect unison but light takes time to travel, and the overall effect is the further away he looks the further back in /time/ he looks, and his movements ripple out at the speed of light to the furthest reaches of - -

And he receives the call: a whisper on the wind repeated an infinite number of just-one times until it sounds like a god falling from the heavens and dying in the crash. An infinite number of just-one Iolions dive for cover: an infinite number of just-ones pulls out a Trump, initiates contact, puts on a bold face for his ladylove. (All right, more 'humorously deranged' than 'bold', but it's the principle of the thing.)

A few seconds later he's there, his hands on her face as he leans in to give an intimate kiss. And if it's a few seconds longer than a normal kiss of greeting, well, he can hardly be thought ill of. After all: love.

"You rang? Loudly?"

Veronica may not have the strength of her grandfather and his kin but, despite this, she pulls him though the Trump contact with all of her force. She accepts the kiss and holds him tightly in her arms for a few moments.

For Iolion and his keenly honed observation skills a few moments is all he needs. Since he was last here, stacks of books have built up in places - - on tables and on corners specifically - - and a tailor's dummy has been moved into the room upon which a doublet and shirt are hung with breeches and hose hung from a hat rack next to it with a pair of ankle boots on the floor between the dummy and the hat rack. (OOC: +token Veronica's FFR)

She releases the hug and heads into her bedroom, speaking loud enough to be heard in the sitting room as she changes. "I had some disturbing dreams last night… one that actually scared me," she explains before coming out in a band of cloth around her breasts and a pareo - - a Sukhoti wrap-around skirt. "While the fright is gone… I hoped to discuss them with you, nobody else seemed … available really, but I knew you'd make time for me," she adds, that last accompanied by a warm, open… yes loving… smile.

"You do realize that I've not only seen you naked, I rather enjoy seeing you naked," he quips lightly as she's in the next room. "But! I live to please milady, and I shall sit here until you return." With that, he takes a seat near the dummy, leaning back in the chair and relaxing as if he were home. Which, after a fashion, he is.

When she returns, he listens attentively. "Of course I'll listen," he answers simply, a warm smile on his face. "If something's troubling you, I certainly want to hear of it, and help if I may."

"Nudity may be titillating, but…" Veronica twirls as she pauses and the skirt flares up showing, for moments, hints of curves that Iolian is familiar with that are then gone when she stops her spin, "… clothing that enhances the body can be all the more sexy, darling."

Veronica takes Iolion's hand as she sits down on the other end of the love seat, her back towards the predominantly red and black outfit on the tailor's dummy. "The second was the most frightening but I'd like to discuss the them in the proper order if you'll forgive me," this she says with a grin as she obviously assumes he will do so.

Her choice of seating receives an arched brow from Iolion. "No," he says simply (but not cruelly), passing negative judgment on these seating arrangements - - and drawing her over close to him, until she's seated in his lap. His arms are around her waist, deliberately avoiding anything that might seem like he was angling to turn this into a make-out session - - but at the same time, it's clearly the sort of thing lovers do, not friends.

"Better," he says as he lifts a hand to caress her cheek. "Now. By all means, address things in whichever order you wish. You have my complete attention."

Veronica smiles and leaves a kiss on Iolion's cheek before she begins speaking. "My first dream - - I wasn't in it which itself is odd - - I was on an island somewhere in Shadow. It didn't feel like Sukho and there wasn't the ever present sense of salt on the air like I believe I'd feel in Minos either…" she's meandering but this is natural for someone discussing a dream - - especially after hours have passed - - but perhaps she wrote it down to help keep it fresh in her memory? "There were great towers and buildings that were so beautiful there, Iolion," she states.

He listens attentively, wordlessly. This isn't to say he's a statue, of course; his hand on her cheek moves into a series of light, glancing fingertip touches to the side of her face, running through her hair, down the back of her neck. One of the fine arts in any relationship is to know the right ways to show affection and intimacy without words, and he seems to be occupying his time by beginning to learn how her nerves are wired as he listens.

Veronica smiles in response to the intimate touches and then continues describing the dream: "There was a horrific and unnatural seeming storm. I heard the cries of children and the screams of men and women as a tsunami rolled in. Buildings began collapsing before an earthquake struck which began tearing up the streets and causing buildings to crumble further…" she looks Iolion in the eyes with an expression of soul wrenching dread as she adds, "… I saw shattered streets lined with bodies of the dead and flowing with rivers of blood. Then the ocean waves encroached. At first it mercifully washed away the blood but then… then the waters kept rising and then - - after a loud crack like thunder but from below, from the earth - - the island sank and was consumed by the ocean." She pauses and looks away as she says, "I woke in a cold sweat and couldn't sleep again for an hour. I called for Alfred and he brought me a warm drink, but I thought it was over then…"

Still silent, he gives a somber nod of acknowledgment - - his eye contact and the nods signaling his attention, even if he is tangling a lock of her hair around his index finger while he listens.

Veronica lays her head on Iolion's shoulder and sighs. She then says, "I'd hoped for a descent sleep for the rest of the night but… that's not what happened."

Sure, there are questions to ask. Now is assuredly not the time for them, however; now is the time for him to hold her close, to let her feel - - in a deep and visceral sense, to experience rather than have it explained - - how the comfort of a lover can be both chaste and the best medicine for the soul. There are no words, only his arms around her in a sheltering circle.

Veronica curls into those arms and her voice goes softer, slightly husky, as she recalls and explains the second dream. "I was in a dark place. My lights… they weren't coming for me like normal…" this may be something she has never shown or discussed, if so she also doesn't think to explain it at this time "… Someone… something… was pursuing me in the dark. I was unable to travel in a straight line, there was always something pressing me into curved trajectories or a sharp corner forcing a change of direction. When I was able to summon a light it was pale… barely shading light beyond the reach of my hand. But still I could hear my pursuer breathing deeply behind me… not out of stress… more an eagerness… as if capturing me would be the beginning for it… that it would be pleasurable… but I had a sense that would…" she shudders… "That for me it would be the start of pain." Now as she looks at him she seems haunted for a moment and then she shakes her head and that is gone. "I swear to you that I felt something touch my shoulder as I woke… and I woke screaming," she says before explaining, "It was moments later I screamed for you out the window… I'm so sorry about that, Iolion." She punctuates this with another kiss on his cheek.

"The only thing that gets to touch you shoulder as you wake up is me," he says with just the right note of seriousness: not so much as to be grave, light enough that it's funny, not so light as to make it a joke. "Well, maybe others, that's a discussion for later, much later not now. But. Are Montevalnans known for oracular talent? Do you think these dreams are ill portents, or just … just bad dreams?"

Veronica laughs at the jest, just enough to show she appreciated the humor but not enough to be overdone. The words that follow that elicit a frown for a moment but then she smiles and taps his nose with one finger - - almost as if calling him silly, but without words - - before nodding to acknowledge the 'later.' "Mons?" she asks before continuing, "Oh no, not at all. But those of us with the blood of Faiella… we are known to be touched by prophecy at times."

"So how does one interpret these things?" he inquires. "You'll soon learn I'm tremendously naive outside of a very narrow portion of things, mostly related to the Pattern. Although Faiella's grandson, her gifts seem to have passed me by entirely. This has never come up before, you see, nor is it anything Mother's ever mentioned to me."

"I don't know, Iolion," Veronica says, "I've had dreams that come true before but… they aren't usually this dramatic and… oh I hope the other is just imagery." She shudders at the memory and then adds, "I believe I'm going to have to research dreams now however."

"The good news is you have ready access to a fine library in which to do it - - all the libraries of Shadow, really, should you need; and should something seek to place a hand on your shoulder, it's my intent they have a hard time doing that with your back against my chest, one arm 'round you, the other holding a blade." His tone is frank, but still just light enough: he's taking it (and her) seriously, yet without losing his cheer. It's one of the better things he brings to their pairing; if anything, the last few days have spurred him to up his game.

Veronica smiles and leans back to say, "Speaking of blades…!" and then asks, "What's your preferred blade?" She follows this up quickly by saying, "I am picturing a scimitar with a point heavy blade…"

"Too heavy for my taste, and not much my fighting style," he answers with a smile, "though I encourage you to imagine me however you like, preferably with as little clothing as your mind permits. But no, in truth, my sword work is largely reflexes and improvisation, and I'm inordinately fond of delivering punches to the face to break up the monotony of attempted implications. A stout broad blade, I think, more of a cutlass almost, with a reinforced full metal basket? That would be exactly what I'd like. Almost as much as I'd like to take you to bed, and let you get some sleep."

With that he rises, lifting her to cradle her in his arms effortlessly, carrying her back to her bedroom. "To sleep," he repeats gently. "And to wake up with a familiar hand on your shoulder."

On the way to her bed she points to a chest and says, "You should look in there, but I ask that you not touch it as you do not have its owner's permission to do so," as he settles her into bed and tucks her in.

Editor's Note: Veronica pointed out +token veronica's FFS for the contents of the chest.

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