Fullname: Sullivan Ap'Brandson
Alias: Sulli
Age1: 350 (probably)
Features: Black hair, dark eyes with red in the pupils.
Height: 6'4" (193 cm)
House: Feldane mostly
Themesong: Silent all these Years - Tori Amos
Played By: Jay Tavare, only bleached out.
Assignment: Brand's Husband and Custos
Rank: Lord, Prince-Consort
Titles: Lord (usually)


This man's form seems to be leeched of almost all colour. Long, straight hair the hue of glossy ebony with a faint patina of red falls down his back to a narrow waist, tied into a ponytail with a twist of silver cord, beneath an elegant ebony top-hat of silk, with a hatband of skulls. His framework is tall and graceful at 6'4", carved out of pale, cloistered alabaster that is almost translucent and luminous in the right light. His features are unmistakeably fine, almost fae in their delicacy, aristocratic, angular and high, with a bone structure that lends itself to unbridled beauty. At his throat, a pendant hangs on a plain black leather thong: A pair of black serpents with jeweled green eyes on a field of grey stone, wound and wended with green-tinted vines. His eyes though are very much the most striking thing about him. They are utterly black of iris and pupil, with a bloody glow in the depths that is made more eerie by the rather splendidly macabre eye make-up.

He is dressed to the nines, in a long, swan-tailed velvet dress-coat, in a midnight blue with ivory cuffs, pinned with carved pearl skulls. Deep purple forms the accent stitching upon this and matches the lace-ruffed silken shirt beneath it. A long naval waistcoat hangs down in a shadow of midnight, with silver skull-and-vines applique in a macabre imitation of paisley. A watch-chain can be seen dipping from one pocket to a clip on his hip, from which hang two swords, one of bone, one of golden metal. Toe-tone patent leather shoes with dapper spatz peek out of the end of his moleskin pants. He carries a cane with a twined ebony serpents for the handle. It probably also has a sword in it.

Public History

Once, this man was mortal. He is not any more. He is a god and makes no secret of the fact, although he is extremely quiet about worship and is not known for attempting to convert any to his faith. His portfolio is a potent one: Life, Death and Blood are his areas of expertise. He can be sought out for any purposes related to these and is quite happy to assist any that wish his help.

Roleplay Hooks

  • The Royal Family - Anything to do with the illustrious bloodlines of Amber tend to be things he has interest in and some grams of wisdom associated with.
  • His Royal Highness, Prince Brand - He has been called the "brand-whisperer" by some, able to translate the mad mage's more obscure insights and gauge the man's moods with reasonable accuracy. Sometimes, this can be invaluable, particularly when requiring mediation or approach of the often prickly, frequently capricious royal.
  • Esoteric Wisdom - Though he does not have the answer to everything, he often knows where he can find it or who might know such. He is known to enjoy discussions on the mystical and the occult, the mysteries of the universe.
  • Custos - He is Custos to prince Brand. This makes sword, magic and guardianship something that drives him forth, particularly since the death of his mentor in the order, Alaric son of Fiona.

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