Talking with Miriam about the blood of Tir
Talking with Miriam about the blood of Tir
Location: a small meeting room off the throne room in the Rebman palace
Date: October 7th 14
Summary: Veronica meets with Miriam in Rebma. She asks the princess for help in getting a sample of pure Tirian blood and is not told no.
Characters: Miriam and Veronica
NPCs: unnamed Tirian guard with Miriam

Miriam has arranged for the staff to have some bottles of tea and coffee ready in one of the smaller meeting rooms off of the throne room. The chairs are comfortable enough, carved and polished stone with cushions, and designed for conversation. She is there already, along with three armed men who are obviously of her race - almost too slender, milky eyes and silver hair. Her personal guard, clearly. They aren't hovering, but will certainly be watchful.

Veronica prepared for coming to Rebma by putting her hair up and dressing in clothing that was comfortable and did not consist of a skirt or dress. After descending the stairs from Amber's beach into the waves she reaches the palace and introduces herself and asks to speak with Princess Miriam of Tir. When she is brought to the Princess' presence one of the Rebman guards escorting her announces her using the name she used at the palace gates: "Lady Veronica Nayelenor of House Chantris and Montevalno."

Miriam doesn't look armed at all, but that's what the guard is for. She's standing by a table looking at the drinks when Veronica is shown in, and looks over. Obviously, she is very, very comfortable dressing in the Rebman style. There is a nod to the escort, then a smile for the guest. "Welcome. Please come in." she says.
Long distance to Iolion: Veronica is okay, you?

Veronica curtsies shallowly to Miriam - - deeply enough to be polite but not exaggeratedly so - - and nods as she steps in closer. "Good day, Your Highness," she says sounding a little surprised at the quality of her voice still… in that way a first comer to the city in the sea often does. "Please extend my thanks to your husband for helping arrange this meeting," she says as she finds a place to stand near Miriam without seeming to be towering over the other woman.

Miriam does give the impression of being small, though she's certainly in very good shape after living in the water for years. "I will." she says. "Would y'like something t'drink? Tea or coffee?" The bottles are fitted with valves that allow the drink out without letting the water out. She doesn't seem to have the 'regal' thing down yet.

Veronica politely declines with a shake of her head while her features express a slight distrust in her ability to consume food in this environment. "Thank you for the offer," she says and then, with an expressive motion of her hand, asks if she can sit without actually speaking.

Miriam takes a bottle of tea for herself, and then nods before moving to take one of the seats. She has a drink from it once comfortable, then asks "What can I do for you?" She ignores her guards, and they are fine with being ignored.

Veronica smiles and sits in the indicated seat. "I'm not sure how much Martin relayed to you of his conversation with Prince Corwin regarding me but I am his sister's great-granddaughter and I am looking for some information that will help me in a search for self-discovery that I have set upon," she explains.

Miriam listens, only having an occasional sip. "He didn't tell me much." she replies. "I'm not sure'f he really understood exactly what you're looking for." Then, she lets Veronica continue.

"I have enlisted the aid of an alchemist who believes she can eliminate blood that we suspect I have in order to see if I have that of your husband's grandfather - - my twice great grandfather - - Oberon," Veronica states and then clarifies by adding, "This requires samples from people who have each of those blood lines as their only metaphysical blood line."

Miriam doesn't look like she's really following. "I'm not sure I understand. Y'don't know your lineage?" She looks puzzled, given Veronica seems to know who her great grandfather is.

"I know my ancestry," Veronica says and then adds, "I do not know if I carry all the metaphysical blood lines that would encompass." She pauses and says, "My grandfather was definitely his mother's son with Oberon's and Faiella's qualities as well as that of his Lyon father. My father was a Chantris and I know I am a true member of that family but how much of my grandfather my mother carried along with the traits of a Mon I know she and I got from her mother…" she trails off and looks expectantly at Miriam, hoping that this has clarified the matter somewhat.

Miriam takes a moment to work it through in her head. "You… think th'bloodline might be too thin'n you, after three generations." She's just making sure she has it right.

"Well, since the truest test people know of is to step foot on a Pattern…, yes, I'm concerned and want to find out," Veronica says. "But Prince Corwin thought you might be able to point me to someone from Tir who would be willing to allow for a sample to be taken," she explains further without looking at the guards flanking Miriam - - she feels that anyone ordered to do this wouldn't count for her purposes.

Miriam thinks about that. "Y'want blood. From one've us." Her forehead furrows some. She looks decidedly uncomfortable with that. Her guards don't look any more comfortable with it.

Veronica chuckles grimly. "That does sound bad doesn't it?," she says. She shakes her head and continues, "Giselle explains it much better. She gathers a few drops which she'll analyze and then destroy afterward. This will help her analyze my blood also. And… only a volunteer, I wouldn't be comfortable with anyone feeling obliged of course… so Corwin's involvement is over. Also… maybe you can just point me to someone else to discuss it with?"

Miriam purses her lips, then says "I'd never order one've my people t'give blood, no. Not without a really, really good reason. Back home, blood was sometimes used by bad people'n ways better not discussed. I don't think I know a Giselle."

"Lady Giselle is a Pathi-Royal," Veronica says. "She is Bleys' daughter - - but doesn't ever seem very happy to have that brought up - - and I understand that she is her aunt's pupil in the alchemical sciences," she explains further as she sits still, obviously experiencing a slight discomfort with the sensation of complete submersion.

Miriam ohhs. "No, I don't think I've met'h, no." she replies. "Wouldn't th'blood of both Faiella and Oberon be in Corwin's blood? Wouldn't his work? Or Eric or Deirdre?"

"I'm not an alchemist myself, Miriam," Veronica uses the familiar now rather than a title as she is trying to increase her comfort and thus isn't dwelling on the specifics of etiquette. Continuing she explains, "Giselle is specifically looking for people without blended blood so my great-grandmother and her brothers don't fit the requirements."

Miriam ohhhs quietly, then has another sip of her tea as she thinks about it. "I'll have t'discuss't with Martin. I'm not comfortable giving my blood to a stranger, and I don't think my people would be, either. Blood magic has an unpleasant history in the'lands beyond Tir."

Veronica nods understandably. "I was warned about blood mages myself," she says, "Anyone who was going to do this would get to speak with Giselle personally."

Miriam nods slowly. "I'll see what Martin says about't." she says then. "If he knows'n trusts her. And'f he feels it's t'Rebma's benefit, despite my discomfort."

Veronica nods slowly and stands. "Thanks for your time and consideration then," she says and explains, "Messages can be sent to me at my shop in Amber - - Pelle e Pizzo - - or at either the Palace or Chantris manor. No matter which you choose the message will find me fairly quickly."

Miriam smiles. "You're welcome." she replies as she rises as well. "I'll let y'know what we decide. I'll ask my people'f they're willing, but they don't know either've you, either."

Before she departs, Veronica approaches Miriam and - - in true Mon fashion - - 'air' kisses near each of the Princess' cheeks. "I understand, Your Highness," she says.

Miriam's guards are quickly right behind their charge, when Veronica moves so close. Very protective, yes. For herself, the Princess looks like she's never had someone do that before and her eyebrows go way up in surprise. Apparently, she hasn't interacted with many Mons. She blinks twice, then says "It was nice t'meet you, Lady Veronica."

Veronica doesn't blink at the guard's reactions - - having been a bodyguard herself she actually anticipated it - - instead she gives the a polite smile acknowledging their diligence. As she steps back from Miriam she says, "It was my pleasure, Your Highness," and then departs.

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