Fullname: Tara Abandanato
Alias: None Yet
Age1: Unknown
Features: Blonde / Blue-green
Height: 5'4"
House: Unknown
Themesong: "The Sound of Silence", Disturbed
Played By: Taylor Momsen
Assignment: Minister of Chaos
Rank: Countess
Titles: Lady


Barely twenty, the woman's face is youthful with a very slight chubbiness to the cheeks. It's an odd feature when the rest of her face seems destined for a certain severity from high cheekbones and thin brows. She's thin, nearly gaunt and maybe delicate if one were inclined to use such words. Her hair is long, tumbling in pale blonde, loose curls down past her shoulder blades.

Public History

Found in Garnath by Mercier, Tara was taken back to Amber City and allowed to gather her wits among the street rats of the Lower City. It was during her time curled up in alleyways or hanging in the hammocks of shelters that she first heard it. It. That seductive voice in the back of her head, that shivered through her soul, whispering that it didn't matter who she was, only what she could become. When she closed her eyes, It would show her visions of what she might have been, or who she might become, and these wild imaginings became the thing that kept her going, fed her strength.

Less than two weeks into her new found life, Tara was "rescued" from the streets by Prince Jacen of Amber and brought to the palace. There she was cleaned up, clothed and fed, and given a new purpose. Between the whispering of the Road in her head and the constant play of politics around her, Tara would open herself up to a new life. She borrowed money from Jacen to get started and went to Ennisport. Between the gold and some violence she was soon the Madame of The Second Mate - a brothel - and starting her life as a courtesan.

Tara would make connections here, learn that men often speak of things they shouldn't while engaged in the activities that The Second Mate catered to, and that she could use this to her advantage. Blackmail, yes. But more importantly, she could provide information to certain friends if she felt they needed to know. A whisper here, a word there, could either keep a ship from sailing from Ennisport into Harm's Way, or it could send a crew to the bottom of the ocean.

The diminutive blonde also delved more into the Black Road since she had awoken with its mark on her soul. She took up one of Corwin's blades and mastered its use. She learned to move through shadow, to command creatures. She grew from the scared, small creature that woke in Garnath into someone confident and comfortable with who they are.

More recently, Tara has taken steps to make herself a legitimate member of Amber's society. She has been appointed the Minister of Chaos Forces under the auspices of the Lord Praxis and is gathering those who are willing to help study, subdue, subvert, and control the Black Road/Chaos in the name of Amber. To go with this, Corwin has made her a Countess of Banyan.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Amnesiac - Tara awoke with no memory of who she was before, lost and confused in a world that didn't match anything she could envision. She's more than willing to discuss this with anyone interested.
  • Wild Fighter - There's something about bare knuckled brawling, or the resistance a sword can encounter that gets Tara's blood going. Want to fight?
  • Graffiti - She often had dreams of tagging walls with graffiti. Maybe you want to encounter her doing it?
  • Montevalno - Tara's recently taken an interest in Montevalno, where she believes she may have came from originally. Want to go play with art?
  • Art - Tara's an artist! Though her works are often twisted and wrong.
  • Black Road - She's marked by the Road. Want to talk about it? Confront her? Fix her?
  • Ennisport - She has a business there, and plans to take over more.

Associates and Connections

  • Mercier: The one that found her.
  • Jondrim: The one that's too heroic.
  • Ruby: The one that gave herself.
  • Wyarr: The one that hurts.
  • Remi: The one that corrupts.
  • John: The one that teaches.
  • Corwin: The one that builds.
  • Jacen: The one that funds.


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