Tasia Karm
Fullname: Fantasia Karm
Alias: Tasia
Age1: 245
Features: Red hair / Green eyes
Height: 5'9"
House: House Karm
Themesong: none
Played By: Nataliya Piro
Assignment: Metalsmith / Warder
Rank: Lady
Titles: Her Ladyship


Tasia is a vibrant individual. Her long red hair falls in loose ringlets down to midback, wisps of the bright locks often framing her face. High cheekbones and a well-defined chin pair with a button nose and pink ips to form the image of youthful vitality. Her green eyes are keen, and their emerald color is often brought to the fore by subtle application of eye makeup. Tasia stands tall at 5'9", with a slender build and a late 20-something appearance.

Public History

Curator, Crafter, Juxtaposition. Tasia is a blend of the metalsmith's hard work and dedication with the noble's social demands and an adventurer's romantic desires. She's heir to ancient magics and duties as much as she is to wanderlust. She's a blacksmith, a Karm in the full sense of the word - and a socialite.

On her mother's side, Tasia descends from a long line of Karms. These are the family that most would be familiar with, and that most would know her through. She's a frequent sight in the Manor and various Karm holdings - especially if there's a good party where she may take delight in being able to outdrink most of the guests. It's by the sides of Karms that she has stood in lockstep when Duty makes its demands, and it's to Karm that she's sworn her fealty.

On the other side of her family there's her father - Weylan - and the shadow where she was raised. Tasia still maintains a residence in Cockayne and can frequently be found there amongst the museum she curates with wonders from shadow. Her family on that side is as large as her mother's.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Mundane in the Exotic. Tasia likes to do mundane things in exotic locations. Tea on top of a giant mushroom overlooking a sea of lava? Yes please! Knitting lessons with a goddess in her divine sanctuary? Sure!
  • Boots. Fantasia loves boots of all sorts. But who doesn't like fashionable footwear. She even designs them sometimes.
  • Armor. She makes this. She might make this for you if you ask nicely.
  • Forbidden Magic. What Karm doesn't have an interest in Forbidden Magic? Sometimes she seeks to stop it, sometimes just to learn a little more about it.
  • Socializing. Tasia likes to meet new people. All sorts of new people.

Associates and Connections

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