The Fist of Oberon returns to Amber...
The Fist of Oberon returns to Amber…
Location: The Amber Docks
Date: July 19th, 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: Veronica meets her cousin Drake when his ship docks at Amber.
Characters: Drake and Veronica
NPCs: Drake's crew and the unwashed masses of Amber

The Fist of Oberon puts into port, unlike most Merchantmen, she glides through the murky waters of Amber's harbor like a sea bird comming to nest. Also unlike the merchantmen around her, The Fist's crew work's with the skill of sailors of the fleet. Once secure a gangway is set, and the crew debarks. They have been months at sea and are ready for a well earned shore leave.

The Captain is standing at the top of the gangway giving instruction to a junior officer.

As the Fist of Oberon comes into the dock a woman approaches the slip it is heading for. Veronica's hair has been given some fluff and she is wearing an outfit consisting of a sleeveless top which is a combination camisole-bustier and a matching skirt. It is predominantly ivory in color with pastel pink and blue highlights that shimmer as if made of dyed silver thread; white ankle boots are on her feet and an intricate, multigem necklace is worn about her neck. The dagger at her left hip should appear out of place with the outfit but somehow she manages to make it appear to belong there and fit perfectly well.1

She has a book in her hands which she reads as the ship's crew goes though the business of docking. Then, after the gangplank is lowered, she closes the book and walks up it. An observant person would see that the book is titled 'Ships of Chantris', part of a set and it happens to be the volume covering the years in which the Fist was built.

"Good day, Captain Drake," she says as she approaches the captain. She continues by saying, "Alfred," referring to Alfred Butler, the Butler of the house, "Was told to have your rooms prepared and I was asked to greet you as I was at the docks already." She smiles and finishes with an introduction: "I am Veronica Nayelenor Chantris, your cousin."

The Midshipman salutes the Captain before retreating to begin the rather dull detail of making sure no one steals or damages Drake's ship.

A breeze carries the lovely aroma of Amber's harbor across the deck of Drake's ship. He turns to reguard the new commer, "A pleasure to meet you M'Lady, I am Captain Drake Chantris, and this is the Fist of Oberon, fastest ship no longer in the fleet." he offers a polite nod. "I Talia…" he pauses, "Her Grace never saw fit to send an escourt in the past." Drake tugs off a pair of gloves and tucks them into his belt. "Is all well?"

"Oh, as far as I am aware it is," Veronica says with a smile. "I happened to be in the neighborhood… quite literally… and was asked to welcome you back," she explains. "Also, there's a wedding in the works," she adds offhandedly.

"A wedding, how wonderful." Drake says mildly, "I suppose I will need a new coat, and to find someone willing to be seen in public with me." a grin is offered, "Who is tying the knot?" at this point he notes the book, "Are you sure the salt air is good for that?" he holds out a hand "may I?"

Veronica inclines her head slightly in acquiescence and lifts her free hand to take Drake's. "Its one of many copies the house possesses, and I believe the archivists can restore any slight harm it may get in the brief time here," she says after a moment of consideration about the book. She then answers the question by saying, "Vayel, the Duchesses' ex-husband, and Micah de'Mandrake."

Drake has a firm grip, he lifts Veronica's hand slightly and places a chaste kiss upon her knuckles, "Most excellent, I always liked Vayel…may I have a look at the book? if I am not mistaken it is the one that contains the specifications for the Fist, I wish to see if our records have been properly updated to reflect the modifications that have been made to her."
Veronica hands the book over without question. "I believe this is a recent publishing of the book but I didn't look at the appendixes," she says and then adds, "I haven't met either of the grooms yet myself."

Drake thumbs through the book, quickly locating his ship. After a few moments he glances up, "the modifications were not looted from prizes, I built them." he sighs, "it's a small thing, otherwise it seems up to date." he snaps the book shut and offers it back. "How long have you been in Amber M'lady?" he asks in a polite tone.

"A bit more than a week, over seven years, or a few months… depending on how you calculate and track such things," Veronica says after nodding about the deficit in the book's information in the say that someone who isn't emotionally involved in the situation would. "I'm sure someone in that family can take care of updating that," she adds before asking, "May I ask what cargo you are carrying?"

"Our prize will be limping in within a few days." Drake smirks, "We were out longer than expected because her crew tried to scuttle her rather than have her taken, I believe she has a load of stolen silk." he waves a hand toward the Sea, "My first officer will have a full manifest of her cargo, I am fair certain someone will be willing to by the ship."

Veronica nods again. "Well, congratulations on your success then, Captain," she says regarding the news about the ship, allowing him to steer the conversation in his chosen direction.

Drake gestures to the gang plank, "Shall we?" he asks, "We are not long shoremen to be lingering about the docks after all?" Drake settles his hat upon his head. "Have you ever dined at the Golden Goose M'lady?"

"I do not recall ever having had the honor, sir," Veronica replies before asking, "Are you inviting me to dinner then?"

"I am." Drake grins, "a former ships surgeon of mine, her family owns it, the best food in all Amber." after a moment, "aside from the Palace that is M'Lady.

"Well, with a recommendation like that how can I refuse?" she asks, indicating with her stance and a turn of her head that he can escort her down the gangplank if he wishes and clearly allowing him to keep hold of the book for the time being.

Drake offers his arm, "I have never been disappointed with the quality nor the service" after reaching the bottom of the ramp, "Land legs, this will take some getting used to" he jests, "So…if I may be so bold, are you one of the houses scholars?"

Veronica takes the offered arm and gracefully navigates the ramp with Drake easily. "I am… scholarly, yes, but it is not my primary focus. Nor was crafting for most of my life but I am mastering many crafts." She pauses her explanation and then allows her Mon accent to show clearly as she says, "Where I am from I would be called an 'esperto universale'," using the Mon phrase that translates to 'polymath' in Thari. "I am versed in a number of skills," she clarifies.

Drake listens and nods "Isn't it odd, the skill one picks up in ones studies and jounies that carry a soul far from their chosen vocation." he glances back toward the Fist, "I have learned to create more than a few of the tricks my mothers people use to gain advantage on the high sea." he pats the pistol tucked into his belt. "or on land." he laughs, "So, dinner, tomarrow evening perhaps?"

A nod and a smile. "Yes," Veronica says, "Perhaps. The plan does sound lovely."

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