Fullname: Theodore L. La. Chianna
Alias: Ted, Teddy, Way
Age1: 20 ish
Features: Brown hair /brown eye
Height: 5'9 in boots
House: Random son of Random / Noble of Aventia, Mons
Themesong: "Somethings Always Wrong," Toad the Wet Sprocket
Played By: Dylan O'Brien
Assignment: layabout on a mission of some type, sometimes pool boy at the Begma Embassy
Rank: what a layabout deserves
Titles: Ted or Theodore


Theodore is a young male about 5'9" inches in height, scrawny and with a pale complexion. His dark brown hair is cut very short making his ears stick out from his head. Brown eyes are dramatically expressive. He is very thin, the sharpness in his face brings out a dimple when he smiles. Clean shaven, he looks like a teen on the cusp of twenty. He wears loose dark attire. A dark velvet shirt with ties and gold trim is worn with a pair of dark pants, leather boots and a knife at the hip.

Public History

Showed up in Amber with his friend from the Collegia Will claiming to have been in shadow prison. The two have been off on some mission since graduation. At some point either while still in the Collegia or after graduation, they worked for the Dragon General doing something that might have done some general good. They were known on the college for somewhat crude performance art, Theodore's failure of certain subjects, and Will being able to die epic and very realistic looking deaths. Also, for sometimes inciting the crowd to chase them over some very bad luck.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Dramatic timing, have you met Ted? Hard to miss him, if you are looking for him.
  • Extremes of luck, some days ups out number the downs!
  • Montevalno, Theodore grew up on an Estate in Aventia
  • Collegia, he spent a number of years earning his degree repeating… a few classes. He is a graduate.
  • Performance Art, he and Will specialize in extra blood, extra gore, slapstick and running away when things go awry.
  • Unbreakable!
  • Get out of jail free plan! Do have you have a trump of Ted? It's his best worst plan to get out of shadow prison should things go bad for him on his next trip out.
  • Begma, he's starting to worry that they may not have a pool but he has managed to avoid being blown apart in the Embassy labs.
  • He is not known for being astute about politics.
  • He can give most excellent speeches and stir up crowds (skl-or).
  • He has tried to host 'bad poetry' night at various establishments in the City. (skl-ba)
  • OctiTed!

Associates and Connections

  • Will, blame it all on your roots.
  • Kalibrae, young lady in need of guidance? Too bad I always get lost.
  • Martin, brother, what's up with the crazy adventures?
  • Marlene, sister, proper lady!
  • Names redacted to protect the innocent.


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