Two Crafters Meet...
Two crafters meet…
Location: Veronica's Private Studio at Pelle e Pizzo in Amber
Date: July 26th, 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: Faridah comes to Veronica's shop and together they make a pair of beautiful glass flasks.
Characters: Faridah and Veronica
NPCs: Polly Petrillo

Its early evening in Amber and Veronica is putting finishing touches on two pieces of art in the form of serpentine dragons. One is a pendant and is obviously meant to cradle something in its coils while the other is reminiscent of the sigil of House Mandrake. Both are cast from metal and have a rainbow glisten to their scales like oil on water atop silver.

When Faridah arrives at Pelle e Pizzo, Veronica's shop in Amber, she is greeted by a matronly woman who introduces herself as Polly and shows her to the back room where Veronica is working.

"Good evening, cousin," the Mon woman says in greeting. "Thank you for the note you sent me asking to reschedule for tonight. I was, as you see, able to do some prep work for what we will do." She then asks, "I hope life has treated you well since we last saw each other?"

Faridah offers a small nod of her head. "I am most pleased we were able to reschedule at all. I really do apologize, the fault was all on my part. I can explain more of what happened, but I think that will be easier once my glass work is done here. Am I to assume those pieces are for the flasks?"

Veronica smiles and shakes her head and says, "No explanation is required." She smiles at the question and says, "In a sense." She points at the first one, obviously designed to hold a miniature flask in its coils and equipped with a loop from which a chain can allow it to be suspended. "That one will actually be a part of the gifts," she says before indicating the other and saying, "This one will be used as a template for the magical effect we'll be laying on the second flask. Once we are done you may have it."

"Ah, well that actually works rather well. It can give me a sense of how big to make it. So, would you say the flask is about palm-sized? Or a bit bigger. Also, what are your thoughts on the shape of it?" Faridah looks over the two metal pieces, while digging through her bag and pulling out first a large ball of glass, and then laying out a set of sculpting tools.

"A bit smaller I think, yes," Roni says. "As far as shape, similar to a flattened, short-necked wine bottle perhaps? Also, I purchased the raw materials you mentioned needing in your note."

Faridah nods, glad of that. "Assuming the bottom is flat, then you're thinking more oval? Because I can do almost a circle, or a rectangle, or even heart-shaped."

Veronica nods. "Yes, or… perhaps a rounded rectangular profile? Heartshaped would be too trite for this in my opinion and a circular profile won't lay against the chest as well," she says. "Also, I figure they'd hold a shot or two's worth of fluid…. so three to four ounces?"

"Perfectly acceptable. So, let me start on one, and if there's anything you'd like to change I can fix it, and make the second one just fine. Now, you'll have to wait for a bit, because I really can't be disturbed during the process." Faridah pulls the raw glass towards her, finding something to sit on so she can be at the table. Setting the metal addition to the side so she could look at it, she begins to sing. As she sings, she simply sinks her fingers into the glass. Partially she seems to be molding it like clay, but it also seems to move of it's own accord.

Veronica sits back and watches, discretely fetching a pair of glasses and a wine bottle from one of the cabinets. She pops the cork as quietly as she can and pouring wine into one of the glasses and drinking it while she watches and listens.

After a bit, Faridah stops singing. She's got a flask big enough to hold three ounces of liquid, in the shape they'd discussed. She clears her throat a bit. "Does this look about right?"

Veronica hands the other glass of wine over to Faridah. The fluid, a rich red Fiorran, has a hint of smoked nuts beneath the fruity flavor of the grapes. After the glass is taken she examines the flask, a seamless construction that seems to fascinate her as shown by the smile that spreads across her features. "That looks amazing," she says before asking, "If I touch and interact with the material while you make the second one will that interfere with your process? What I want to do with it requires my involvement while it is being made."

Faridah cocks her head in thought, sipping lightly of the wine. "It shouldn't interfere too much. Especially if I'm aware of it. If anything startles me, or anything with my singing happens at all, it's liable to ruin the entire thing. But that shouldn't be a problem. Shall I start?"

"Of course," Roni replies adding, "Plus, its not like we can't try again if the first attempt goes wrong."

Faridah nods, pulling more glass close and starting to sing. She takes her time on this one, going slower and letting her hands hover away more so that Roni has opportunities to modify things.

As the shaping begins, Veronica reaches out and touches the pliable glass establishing a magical connection to it. She slides her fingers along one side top to bottom then "circles" the base and then repeats the trip to the top and around its circumference as well.
Initially the affect isn't clear but as the shaping is finished an image appears in the middle of the flask, a translucent dragon that matches the second sculpture even to the faint rainbow effect of its individual scales; this image is visible from all angles except directly down though the opening at the top of the flask. She then sits down and shakes her head, although she smiles as well. "I wasn't sure if that would work," she explains.

Faridah heaves a sigh as she's finished singing, taking a deep drink of the wine. Anything to wet her throat. "I wasn't either. But I'd say that looks very good. Is that all you need? Also, I never asked who the happy couple was."

"Thank you, I knew conceptually it would but…" Veronica chooses not to sing her own praises and just ends the statement with a nod. "I actually haven't met either of them. Its a family wedding between Micah de'Mandrake and Vayel Chantris. The latter is Duchess Talia's ex-husband I understand."

Faridah nods, barely knowing the Duchess and absolutely no one else. "Well, I hope things all go well. I'm sure though that they will love the flasks."

Veronica grins and says, "I truly hope so." She picks up the statue which is now holographically represented in the second flask and hands it to her cousin. "Thank you for your help. I would like you to have this as a token of my appreciation."

Faridah smiles, taking the statue into her hands careful. "Thank you, I am quite honored." She takes another sip of the wine. "Mm, this is good."

Editor's Note: The scene fades here. The scene resulted in three tokens, they can be viewed on the MUSH with the following commands: "+token Faridah's FEL", "+token Vayel's FEK" and "+token Micah's FEM".

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