Two Princes and a Lady discussing a monster...
Two Princes and a Lady discussing a monster…
Location: The rooftop gardens of the Royal Palace of Amber
Date: Scene Date
Summary: September 6th, 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Characters: Carmichael, Gilgamesh, and Veronica
NPCs: an unnamed palace servant, a number of harpy-like Morrigu (see prop #138)

"No. At least not where people can see it. I've seen her having a fit of hysterical laughter, but well… it's one of those things that nobody would believe anyhow," Carmichael's talking to Gilgamesh, stood before a corkboard with an ordinance survey map of the Amber region loitering with intent to be useful, upon its surface. Strings connect points on the map with drawing pins. The recommendation to him to keep his distant messenger fliers in place is greeted with a tiny, tiny smile that just doesn't reach his eyes. There's no light there, really, just the feral gleam of the eagle-eye inside. "If Aio is on the case though, you will have adequate troop activity."

Gilgamesh is dressed every inch the Duke of Karm today, coronet and all. He nods. "No, most people wouldn't believe it. I would, but I have known her a long time," he says, tone thoughtful. He looks out over what he can see of the city from here, and then of the troops Carmichael has set up. "You're probably right. She does tend toward overkill when it comes to troop activity. 'course, for this thing, that isn't a bad thing," he muses.

"It has a healthy dislike of the situation it was in. All told, its destructive warpath wasn't particularly aggressive, until aggression was used against it. Hounding it, seemed to work quite well on steering," Contrary to Gilgamesh, Carmichael looks nothing like his station, but all about the practicality in his attire. "I think it's intelligent enough to be nowhere near Karms."

Veronica, having come to the palace to visit the garden she's heard of so often, enters the space with a servant she enlisted to guide her there and whom she quickly dismisses. Whatever her intent, upon seeing the young princes in discussion she approaches her cousins and greets them.

"Prince-Praxis Carmichael and Prince Duke Karm, good day," she says and then introduces herself, "As we have not yet met, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Lady Veronica Nayelenor of House Chantris and Montevalno." This might be impertinent from some but she is wearing a single piece of jewelry - - a ring that can be recognized as the signet of Princess Florimel - - which indicates an association with higher rank than her title would normally indicate or… that she is a most daring theif to take and then wield such an icon in the very palace ruled by the princes' aunt. She smiles cordially and asks, indicating the corkboard with its papers and strings, "What is the topic of discussion and might I join you in it?"

Gilgamesh thinks about that for a few moments, and then nods. "That… actually makes a certain amount of sense. When the quake broke its crate, all it seemed to want was to escape. Also, it was blue and green. Is it still blue and green?" He blinks and then nods. "That… actually fits in with what we saw in the Reliquary. The moment it saw us, it turned and made a hasty exit. I sent a couple of the Guard into the hole once it cooled, but it had collapsed about two hundred feet into the rock." Young is such a comparative word. Gilgamesh might have to laugh at that if he heard it. He turns his head as Veronica arrives upon the rooftop, and watches as she approaches. He looks curious more than anything. "Chantris and Montevalno," he muses. "Chantris." He muses again, and then nods as though to himself. "I don't mind at all. Topic of discussion is a Beasty that got loose during the earthquake from the Karm reliquary. Called a Magmafly. Any insight from that Chantris mind of yours?" His tone is very polite, with nothing to indicate hostility or anything more than a curious sort of interest.

"It might make a very interesting pursuit, for Aio. It ought to test her wings, quite well," And then, the arrival of light brown hair, high cheekbones and a matching set of probably rather less ferocious hazel eyes arrives in curves and fedora. The pin does draws Carmichael's eye, with another slight loft of the left brow. "A pleasure, lady Veronica Nayelenor Chantris of Mons, favoured of Florimel. As his Gracious highness has noted, a monstrous beast is on the loose." A wing of harpies arrives, murmurs to the singular grounded one and the crippled fellow moves over to put final strings in the corkboard, his caul and hood hiding his face, but not his clawed digits and warped limb. A bad break that never set right, can end the career of a creature of the air. Bowing, he withdraws afterwards, to pick up the pins and string and go hand out more refreshments to those fliers still to come, gazing out over the city no doubt. "By the looks of it…" and the map that's been pinned to pieces "…it has definitely left Amber's territories. The path went wobbly, but it's headed all the way east. It was not blue and green when it arrived at the other end, but rather the colour of bright flames."

Veronica nods at Gil's implied confirming questions regarding her ancestry - - she doesn't see fit to point out her third, closer relationship to the pair at this time as it isn't fitting to the conversation - - and listens as the topic of conversation is described. She inclines her head to acknowledge Carm's addressing her as well. She half steps back and almost looks to be drawing a weapon from somewhere when the harpies arrive… but no, that had to just be shock as there isn't a weapon to be seen on her nor in her hands as she relaxes upon noticing the princes lack of reaction to their arrival.

Dropping into full on Chantris mode, Veronica quickly digests this information and then begins speaking. "Magmafly… and a hole that had to cool and then collapsed into the ground… it sounds like an insectoid creature… perhaps with a lava-larval form… Naturally it flew. If it left Amber's territories then it came out of Kolvir I assume…." she pauses and then asks, "Was it the cause of the fires I saw on the mountain when I departed the palace two evenings hence?" but doesn't wait for an answer before saying, "One insect alone can be natural but…" and immediately asks, "Has anyone started looking for any evidence that there could be more?" as well.

Gilgamesh looks to Carmichael and grins. "Yeah, but if something bad happened, I really don't want to have to explain it to you, how I let her come to harm." He grunts quietly as he watches the wing of harpies come in, and watches the map and entirely missing Veronica's reaction, somehow, then nods absently to Carmichael. Then he blinks and seems to track closer on what he says. "Wait. Color of bright flames. Fuck. That tells me that the information in the archive is correct. We're going to need ice mages to stop this thing. And fireproof people. Ice mages and fireproof people that can fly, preferably. Got any ideas?" He nods to Veronica's assessment. "It's larger than a Mandrake dragon," he states. "From what I saw, at least forty feet long and about three feet at the widest point of its body. Wings to proportion for a dragonfly." He nods. "Yup. You may have heard the rumors.. Ah. Yeah. It was the exit hole that caused the fires." He shakes his head. "There aren't more. It came from my Reliquary. I watched it get out of the containment."

Carmichael has very keen eyesight. The reaction didn't get missed by him, but other than watching Veronica intently for a moment, he didn't react otherwise but to nod to her, perhaps in reassurance. "Chase de Mandrake. He qualifies as both a flier and an ice-mage. He is not naturally fireproof though, but I am sure that house Mandrake has enough individual connections to alchemists or tattoo artists to be able to protect in that regard. I myself am fireproof if I have need to be, which means I may carry one that has no wings of their own. I have a magic carpet, also at my disposal. That however, is only flame retardant and probably should be kept away from the creature." He frowns a little. "Vice Admiral Ailith Solaris is an ice mage, as is Kiernan of Arden. I believe Mandrake also has a frost giant."

Reliquary… twice Gil has used that word and while the first utterance was not the focus of Veronica's thoughts this repetition has tickled her thoughts.

Reliquary… a repository or receptacle for relics. Relics… objects having interest by reason of its age or its association with the past, power or both.

As an occasional archaeologist Veronica cannot help herself. Her attention is fully on her twice-cousin, the Duke Karm, after seeing the brief nod from the Prince-Praxis. She doesn't mean to speak over Carmichael but her timing couldn't be more perfect as she starts the very moment he does.

"You have a collection of artifacts?" Veronica asks excitedly. "Would it be overly presumptions of me to ask to see it?" she adds before continuing to gush over the thought of such an assemblage of antiquities, "I've been on many expeditions but rarely do such outings prove fruitful beyond ancient bowls and human remains. To see something of true power would potentially assist me in an undertaking of my own that I have only just begun to work towards." She then borders into bartering by saying, "I'd be willing to personally help you navigate the stacks of any library you choose to perform research of your own in exchange, Gilgamesh," as the proper protocol slips away in her excitement.

Gilgamesh listens quietly to the list marked off. "I think I've met Chase. I have met Ailith. I agree about your carpet, by the way. Those aren't easy to come by." He considers, expression thoughtful. "Quinlan may know someone. And it may be possible for the Mandrakes to carry people, if they're willing. I will have to put the question to Duchess Mandrake." He blinks, thoughtful. "Frost giant… Wait. Do you mean Wulf? There's a good idea. I like Wulf. He's good peo-." He stops talking abruptly to stare at Veronica. "Ple… Quinlan may also be able to help," he finishes, his eyes on the Chantris. "It would be overly presumptuous of you. I will show certain places inside my Reliquary to those who aren't of Karm blood, but for the most part? No. Not unless you're someone overtly and expressly trusted by Karm. Because I don't just have a collection of artifacts. I have a collection of artifacts that singly or in concert could level this city and everything in it. Not to mention gods and elementals and other such assorted beasties that can't be killed.." He mutters quietly to himself, though the words are unintelligible. He pauses. And considers Veronica. "What sort of undertaking?" He pauses again, and looks even more thoughtful. "What about the Chantris library?" One brow spocks up juuuuuuust a hair.

Carmichael's eyebrows have both inched up just a fraction as the excitement overwhelms Veronica and she goes ploughing on in like it's Speed Archeology, narrated by some famous voice from the Mons stages. Idly, but calmly, he tucks his hands in the small of his back, clasping one in the other as it soldiers on toward the sudden stop in pottery and what proves to be rather more of a wall than just a line in the dirt as is usually the case. Archaeology. A lot of it is a series of lines that were once walls! Truth.

And when Gilgamesh replies and brings that to bear, he looks down at his feet, along and to the side where the crippled harpy scribe is enjoying a pint of stout. Ohlookthere'sawingedpersonoverthere. "Points for enthusiasm, though," quietly said.

Veronica has the decency to blush when she realizes that she, on one hand, interrupted a social 'better' in such a way and, on the other, asked the metaphysical equivalent to asking someone if she could rummage through their closet or safe on the very day they met. Calming herself down she says, "Please forgive my outburst Princes," to both of her cousins. Then, to Gilgamesh, "Yes, even the Chantris Library, you are a Chantris though your grandfather, Baron Otto Solaris, being the son of Augustus Chantris after all. And even if your Reliquary remains off limits to me."

Gilgamesh doesn't seem to be paying a bit of attention to the other Prince. Oh no, not a bit. But the quietly spoken words? Prove that he is paying attention. "I agree. Points for enthusiasm. And truth be told, it wouldn't hurt to have another Chantris I trust….," he murmurs in reply. Wait. Another Chantris? Did he just imply that there's another Chantris out there that has permission to view said Reliquary? Indeed, that's exactly what he just did. He waves a hand. "Not at all. Despite the accoutrements, I'm not here in an official capacity as Duke Karm… No. Wait. You're right. I am. But I retain my right to waive being angry about outbursts. Because I'm not. All is forgiven. And… wait. You're right. I had forgotten about that… And haven't ever been given access to the Chantris Library. We'll have to talk more on the subject in an area that isn't quite so open. Carmichael here has clearance, of course, but he's been a great help to my House. And he found that shadow of Gates and repository of knowledge.. That I would certainly agree to bring you to. We haven't translated a quarter of that place yet." He doesn't say yay or nay about the Reliquary just yet.

Carmichael looks up under eyebrows at Gil, ticks the gaze over to Veronica and back, nodding slightly. "As his gracious highness noted," Carmichael adds his own two cents, but does look at Gilgamesh in an entirely new light. "A Solaris married a Karm to beget your mother, then? I had no idea you had Solaris blood, Gilgamesh. You learn something new every day, I suppose," he ponders this and its ramifications, dropping his head at an incline to the commentary regarding Gate-shadows.

Veronica smiles and inclines her head as she says, "Thanks," to the princes for their forgiveness. She starts to say more when a palace servant runs into the gardens and approaches the trio. She starts to defer to the men when it becomes clear to her that the man is there for her. She acknowledges him and accepts a note from the servant who, after she thanks him, departs.

After a quick glance at the note she says, "Please forgive me your highnesses, but I am summoned to my shop. Apparently one of the ladies who frequents it requires my personal attention today."

Gilgamesh lifts his hands helplessly. "I'm two hundred and thirty-six years old. The small things sometimes escape me." He takes a breath. "Maybe that's why I have such an affinity for illuminata and fire?" He grunts. "I should pay a visit to my relatives in Solaris and reacquaint myself. Or, well. Acquaint myself in the first place." He turns his head to watch the servant approaching, and once he's gone, nods to Veronica. "Nothing to forgive. Which shop is it? I should like to stop in at some point myself," he says. "Until then, I bid you adieu, my Lady."

Carmichael chuckles, shaking his head at Gilgamesh's protests and reasonings. He inclines his head again, a slight thing but this time a more polite fare-thee-well toward Veronica. "Duty calls all of us, from time to time. Be well, lady Nayelenor of Mons and Chantris, favoured of Florimel. It was a delight," there's a pause as he watches her making her moves to segue out of the conversation, looking to Gilgamesh afterwards. "Do you need anything of worth out of the Crown? Deirdre is going to make sure that all is above board with the embassies for Sukho and Jade, as we do not have sovereign right to simply invade with any kind of military party. Luckily, I took care of that earlier, as I had no idea at the time you were already briefing Aio. She won't particularly care."

"My shop is located at the intersection of the Main Concourse and Weavers Street. It's a Mon-style clothing shop called Pelle e Pizzo…" Leather and Lace to those that speak Mon "… and is run on a day to day basis by my employee Polly." After answering Gil's question she addresses Carm's. "I'm not sure what you are offering, but please come by the shop or the manor and discuss the offer more fully at your convenience, your highness. And to save yourself a mouthful, Lady Chantris is, I believe, the simpler form of address." She smiles to show she is correcting as a kindness not as a chastisement. "Good day, your highnesses," Veronica ends with, addressing them both before she departs.

Editor's Note: The poses below were given to me (Veronica) by Gilgamesh after I left so I could have a complete scene.

Gilgamesh considers the question, and then shakes his head. "More military of ice and fireproof natures is all I can really think of. Sending regular soldiers would probably be a death sentence for the soldiers. Thank you, though, for getting that ball rolling. My Grey Guard aren't going in force, thankfully, so that shouldn't be an issue. There's only eight, at present, in each expedition team. More will be added when we know where the Beasty has gone to roost." He inclines his head to Veronica. "Good day, Lady Chantris," he says in reply. Then he turns back to Carmichael when they're relatively alone again. "That was an interesting meeting," he comments.

"That is why I said any military party. Even a party of eight, if it's spotted and recognized at least in Jade, is liable to have trouble. And if the creature is there and we require more to bring it down, we might have an international incident on our hands. As it is, one of my knights is Penglai and of a slightly more covert nature than others. I rather hope though, that it aimed at Sukho." Carmichael nods though, to the observation, looking toward the stairs downward at the imagination of a woman's perfume, perhaps. "She is plucky."

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