Fullname: Ulfius Nigrum
Alias: Ulfius the Black
Age1: 26
Features: Brown hair / Gray-Blue eyes
Height: 6'10"
House: Black Knights
Themesong: "Face the Pain", Stemm
Played By: Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson
Assignment: Knight of Albion
Rank: Knight
Titles: Ser Ulfius


The man before you is a towering monster of a man. He's well over six and a half feet tall, and probably weighs in somewhere around the 300 pound range. He seems to be in extremely good physical condition, with little or no portion of that weight being body fat. His hair is curly and brown, cut military short. A well trimmed mustache and bear frame on oval face with a strong-looking chin. His gray-blue eyes carry no mirth in them, and his expression seems set in a perpetual scowl. Small scars on the left temple and on the neck suggest he's spent some time fighting.

Ulfius is adorned in black plate mail. It's of the heavy variety with small spikes on the pauldrons, elbow guards, and backs of the gauntlets. His tabard is black with a blood red dagger, and those familiar with Lyonesse may recognize it. Strapped to his left hip is a heavy longsword, and he carries with him a full helmet with visor. Despite his size and the obvious weight of his armor, he moves well and it's clear his protection encumbers him little.

Public History

Ulfius is one of the Black Knights of Lyonesse. Some may choose to hide their involvement with those knights, but Ulfius's size makes him easy to distinguish. He has a reputation for cruelty and brutality on the battlefield. He's known to carry out orders with little regards for the consequences, and his involvement on the field always brings chills even among other Black Knights. He's know to be completely unapologetic for his deeds. Some might even say he flaunts his actions, taunting others to take issue with him.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Lyonesse
  • Knights
  • Conflict
  • Brentinor
  • Albion
  • Feats of Strength

Associates and Connections

  • Igraine


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