Vael — Neroxis
Fullname: Vael Neroxai — Neroxis L'Sadreth
Alias: Mouse
Age1: 1000
Features: Red hair, eyes like the summer sky, bioluminescent tribal markings.
Height: 6 feet (give or take)
House: -
Themesong: -
Played By: -
Assignment: Wanderer
Rank: -
Titles: -


Vael Neroxai has many forms and which he appears in will vary with his mood. The only things that are a constant throughout all of his forms are the color of his eyes, the appearance of the glowing tribal markings which decorate his skin/fur/feathers and a simple necklace made of seashells and braided sinew.

Fox form

This is the form Vael is most comfortable in, he will even claim that this is the form he was born in. While in this form he's slender and agile with silken soft red fur (and equally soft ivory belly-fur). His eyes remain the same as they are in his human form but with an obviously more vulpine look to them. His voice as well is the same as his human form and despite being a fox, he can speak astonishingly well in this form.

Wolf Form

Primarily a form for combat and hunting, Vael transforming into this large black beast usually means someone or something is about to die. In this form his fur takes on an ebony black color and his eyes darken to reflect the midnight sky rather than the summer sky. His voice as well grows slightly deeper in this form and he has a bit of an 'accent' due to the wider maw and tongue.

Mouse Form

When he doesn't want to be sneaky or simply doesn't want to be noticed by many people, Vael will take the form of a small field mouse with pale, almost white fur and beady black eyes. While in this form he can speak, though his voice takes on a very small, very squeaky tone, though it's anything but shrill due to the obvious volume change as well. As well, because of the difference in teeth, while in this form he has a minor lisp.

Crow Form

Primarily for travel, this is the most restricting of all of Vael's forms. While in this form his entire body, as well as his eyes, are some shade of black, the actual shade being only slightly different between feathers, feet, skin and eyes. Vael as well can not talk in this form, though whether by choice or because he physically can't, no one really knows.

Public History

Vael simply, appeared in Arden a little less than a year ago (2014) and since then has taken to living in a grove far into the forest, several miles north-east of Amber City.

Within less than a year of appearing in Arden, Vael has taken to aiding and protecting a small hunting village by the name of Vulpine Hollow, doing everything from simply assisting them with hunts or bringing them various supplies to flat out protecting the village and it's people from threats.

Good or Evil

The character Vael, as you might notice, has two names. This is because he is, in a sense, two different gods. Through RP and PC Interaction, this character has the ability to learn and grow and will inevitably becoming the complete embodiment of one of the two gods. This gives the character a rather unique way to become either the Hero of his story (good), or the Villain of his story (Evil).

NOTE: This section and it's sub-sections are OOC info and are not to be freely used as general in-character knowledge.

Neroxis L'Sadreth

Born in a shadow far from Amber, Neroxis came into existence because the forests of his shadow were being destroyed. For five hundred years he lived as a forest guardian, bringing the full wrath of nature herself down on any and all who dared to defile his domain.
During his reign, he sought mortals who would be faithful to his beliefs and his cause and through plague and violent attacks, weeded out those who were not faithful to him. So cruel was this god, that the people of his shadow rose up against him and cursed him, stripping away his memories and his power, forcing him to be 'reborn' in a sense. The only thing which remains of this god is the strong belief his former followers share, that nature is to be respected, lest their world birth another vicious beast as the harbinger of natures wrath.

Vael Neroxai

Vael is the name given to what came of Neroxis after he was cursed. He was tasked by his former followers to act as a spirit of life, overseeing the birth and death of every living creature in their forest world. He has lived for five hundred years watching over the people of his shadow with no knowledge of the murderous beast he once was. Because of the duties given to him, he is a very kind and gentle being, if not a little arrogant at times. While he does know that he is more than a thousand years old, he can only remember bits and pieces of the first five hundred years of his life which typically manifest as the occasional nightmare.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Lost in Arden: People who become lost in Arden may find themselves encountering a kind-hearted fox
  • Divine: Vael is a god of nature.
  • Hunting: Vael is a god of the hunt, he blesses hunters who respect their prey and punishing those who don't.
  • Shape Shifter: Vael has many forms and can change between them at will.
  • Adventurous: Vael is always curious, always willing to explore new places and meet new people.
  • Animals: Vael has a love of animals and possesses a strange connection with most forest-dwelling creatures.
  • Natural Balance: Vael is strangely attuned to the balance of the natural world.
  • Fox!: Vael claims to have been born in the form of a fox, only learning to take human form for the sake of his followers.

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