Fullname: Unknown
Alias: None at the moment
Age1: Unknown
Features: Black hair / Brown eyes
Height: 5'7" /Thin athletic build
House: Unknown
Themesong: none
Played By: Jaymee Ong
Assignment: -
Rank: -
Titles: -


Veha is not the kind of person to stand out but that is completely deliberate on her part. Taller than she appears, the wary dark haired woman enjoys the shadows more than the light, and tries to make herself part of the background than any focus of attention. Her smooth skin has a caramel hue and her attractive face is dominated by ever watchful and alert dark brown eyes. Veha’s hair is short and spiky; describing it as unkempt would be flattering. Long limbed and athletic, her breasts are small and pert, her legs toned from constantly being on her feet.

Veha’s clothing is cheap and more akin to rags than anything a shop would actually sell. Closed shoes, with plenty of holes in the souls, sit below loose pants that hide many a stain with their dark black colouring. Over a tight black bodice she wears a black jacket that has seen many owners in its time, showing off its history in the cuts and patches on the material. With her current work, Veha can often be found spattered with mud, or worse, and not looking her best. Some may even easily confuse her with a boy though she never hides her true sex.

Public History

Veha is an amnesiac who was found by some 'kindly' brothel owners who then put her to work in their Lower City establishment. Not as a working girl but rather the person who gets to clean up after everything and make sure the workers have what they need. Emptying slop buckets is not much fun.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Amnesiac - Another one. She has no idea where she came from, what she was doing where she was found or even her real name. Obviously she is actually a royal…possibly.
  • Lower City - It is in the poorer, more criminal districts of Amber City that she has a place to sleep - you couldn't really call it a home. And she's learning quickly the lay of the land there.
  • Criminal - Veha works in a brothel and has shown an aptitude for relieving customers of valuables while they have been distracted. If you need something shady done then her 'parents' would probably be happy to lend her out.
  • Freedom - Emptying the slops of a brothel is not the most exciting life. So if anyone has got any better ideas…

Associates and Connections

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