Fullname: Veronica Nayelenor Chantris
Alias: Roni or Ronni
Age1: 38 (looks to be mid 20s)
Features: Light Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes
Height: 5'9"
House: Blood of Chantris
Blood of Faiella
Blood of Montevalno
Themesong: none yet
Played By: Stana Katic
Assignment: Clothier, Librarian, and Smith
Rank: none
Titles: none

Montevalnan, descendant of Amber royalty, and the daughter of House Chantris; artisan, clothier, and weapon smith. Veronica is all of these and more.


At five-foot-nine in her stockings, Veronica is a taller than average woman who appears to be in her mid-twenties. She has the trim, athletic build of a dancer with long, graceful limbs and unmistakably feminine curves which in no way distort the sense of strength about her. In addition, her clear, pale complexion and gracefully smooth movements evidence a life beyond that of a common laborer. Wavy locks of light brown frame her heart-shaped face from which hazel eyes gaze onto the world from above high cheekbones.



Character Information

Roleplay Hooks

  • Montevalno: Veronica is from the Montevalnan citystate of Fiorra and is a member of its Guild of Attendants.
  • Sukho: Veronica has a Chantris-Sukhoti half-sister (Imre-Ulani) who took her on trips to Sukho in the past.
  • Royals: Veronica is Deirdre's great-granddaughter though her son Mordred. Additionally, before she went missing for half a decade, her aunt Flora made her part of her Sun Court and hired her as her personal secretary.
  • House Chantris: Veronica is a Chantris though her (deceased) father, Nathan.
  • Librarian: After having gotten lost in L-space ("Library Space") for years, Veronica became determined to find out how to control such travel. She mastered the skill set of a Librarian and learned how to travel L-space intentionally on August 7th, 14 (2017 OOCly).
  • Pelle e Pizzo: Veronica owns a clothing shop in Amber (purchased for her by House Chantris) named Pelle e Pizzo located at the intersection of Main Concourse and Weavers Street.
  • Other Interests: archaeology, arts & crafts, blades (daggers, knives, and swords), books, dueling, exploring, and languages
  • Dramatic Timing: Veronica is blessed (or cursed) with dramatic timing.

Associates and Connections

  • Princess Deirdre: Veronica's great-grandmother.
  • Erin: A fellow Mon that Veronica met in September 14 (2017 OOCly).
  • Princess Florimel: Veronica's great-grandaunt hired her to be her personal secretary in 2010 and who she hasn't seen in years due to Roni's long absence from Amber.
  • Iolion: Veronica's great uncle (Deirdre's son) who she met independently before they knew they were relatives.
  • Kestrel (aka Captain Bloodwiskers): An Alhambran/Selkie with a Minosian Captaincy who was a friend of Veronica's in 2009/2010. (Last connected to the MUSH on Fri Oct 3 14:14:50 2014.)
  • Pansy Petrillo: Granddaughter of Veronica's seamstress, Polly, who is often found working in Roni's shop. (An NPC)
  • Polly Petrillo: A seamstress Veronica hired to help with her shop on November 30th, 2009. She continued to run the shop in Roni's name over the years that Veronica was missing. Her actual first name is Dorothy, but everyone calls her Polly. (An NPC)
  • Lady Rebekah Volpe (ni Tanto) of Fiorra, Montevalno. (An NPC)
  • Princess Rosalynd: Also known as Contessa Rosamunde of Aventia in Montevalno, Rose was the first to welcome Veronica to Amber and, in a letter of introduction she gave Roni to give to Duke Cyrus of Chantris, referred to the younger Montevalnan as a member of her entourage. (Last connected to the MUSH on Wed Oct 20 19:57:53 2010.)




Veronica says, "Honestly, if there is a way to kill a person with it I can use just about anything, whether it was intended as a weapon or not."
Tristan replies: "Best answer ever. Remind me never to piss you off."

From A familiar face in a familiar place... on July 15th, 14 (OOCly 2017)


<sun> Veronica becomes the first to set her status! ;)
<sun> Flora sets hers.
(Flora's Status: The Sun Goddess Herself)
<sun> Veronica says, "Oh, that's not pretentious… no, of course not. ;)"
<sun> Flora says, "If the shoe fits…"
<sun> Veronica says, "You're Cindrella also! Dear gods!"

An interaction on the Sun Court channel from 2009 or 2010

Character History

Veronica is the daughter of a Montevalnan servant and Lord Nathan Chantris of Amber. She was recognized as Nathan's daughter by Duke Cyrus of Chantris in late 2009 and around the same time she opened Pelle e Pizzo, a clothing store, in Amber at Main Concourse and Weavers Street. She had been missing for years but is active at her shop again and spending a lot of time at the Chantris Manor as well.


Below are detailed descriptions of Veronica's family background, personal background prior to approval in 2009 and a brief summary of the previous RP in 2009 and 2010 (with links to the character's LiveJournal from that time below in the logs section). All of this is slightly spoilery so you are free to choose not to read it as you wish.

Logs and RP Summaries

Year 3 BC

Year 6 (2009)

Year 7 (2010)

Year 14 (2017)


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