Veronica gives Iolion a new sword
Veronica gives Iolion a new sword
Location: the main shop of Pelle e Pizzo in Amber
Date: September 24th, 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: Iolion comes to Pelle e Pizzo with a delivery, is given a sword by Veronica who, unfortunately, doesn't pay a new customer proper attention.
Characters: Iolion, Veronica, and Zaccary
NPCs: Polly

It is midafternoon in Amber. Veronica is at her shop putting some finishing touches on an outfit for a customer. On the way to the shop, using Chantris magic, she sent words to a certain Lyon, Pathi and fellow Chantris and then another set of words to the same Chantris. Some time has passed sense then and her employee Polly is tidying up the shop while Roni works in the back corner of the shop.

Editor's Note: The sendings mentioned in the pose above were sent using Whispers on the Wind (CHA-WW) to Giselle, Harold and Iolion (the second was sent only to Iolion. The messages are as follows:

Words Carried on the Wind
(Although addressed to Harold, Roni willed these words to travel to Giselle and Iolion as well.)
Veronica's voice is heard on a stray breeze: "Sir Harold, please let me know when I can arrange for another visit so that my cousin can collect the sample that we discussed the other day. You can send your reply to me care of my shop, Pelle e Pizzo, or Chantris Manor."

Additional Words Carried on the Wind
"Darling, I have something for you. Find me when you have the time."

Zachary makes his way into the shop with half a swagger and half a caution. This amounts to all of a hesitancy at the front door. Clothing shops are not something he's often been in, by the looks of things. He removes his hat on entering, tugs his forelock in polite greeting to the seamstress and the lady Veronica also, hedging toward the pre-fabricated tables of shirts and such.

Polly approaches Zachary, "Good afternoon, sir," she says in greeting. Before the matronly woman can say much more, Veronica is there, having stepped away from her work, saying, "May we assist you, Cavaliere?" using the Mon pronunciation as a title.

Zachary's deer in the headlights look could go into a text book on such examples. There'd be a helpful arrow pointing at a still image of that face. "Uh, prolly? I dunno," taking up a shirt, one that very blatantly is not the right colour for his complexion, he waves it. Because it wasn't entirely obvious that he was here for clothes. In a clothing store. Yeah. He looks down at what he grabbed, grimaces and folds it neatly enough to set it back on the pile. "I jus' don't got much in the way o' a wardrobe," the words 'no, really?' do spring to mind.

Veronica manages to wordlessly thank Polly and send the older woman back to her task of rearranging a display of clothing a, she hopes, comfortable distance from the man to, hopefully, alleviate some of his discomfort. While the Mon may have though something along the lines of its obviousness but she makes no comment nor gives any sign of judgment on her features. Instead she says, "Well, we'll help you correct that," and introduces herself, "I am the proprietor of the shop, Veronica Nayelenor," before asking, "Are you looking for general wear or do you have a specific event you are preparing for sir?"

"Oh, pleasure miss," Zachary replies, doing the forelock tug again. Careful! The prey is in the sights! Space is required, or he really will bolt! Taking a step back he gestures at himself a few times in an up and down and around kind of manner, offering a little shrug with it. "Zachary Jones," he replies, although it seems in the wake of this that he's wondering why he gave his entire name. "This… ah… how ya engage in tailorin'? I dunno, t'be honest. Ain't never tailored. Did once with a fella as did some chandler work, but I reckon there's a far differnce 'twixt sail cloth an' hosiery."

"Just a bit, Sir Zachary," Veronica says kindly. "Please feel free to call me Veronica or - - if you desire formality - - you should address me as Lady Veronica," she explains before answering his question, "Fashion has been an interest of mine since I was a little girl and I was trained in artistry from that age as well so clothing design seemed natural," then, as any good business person would, she returns to trying to help her customer by asking, "Would you like to look at fashion or function primarily?"

The chime over the door rings again as it's pushed open and another person enters the shop, although this one is apparently more interested in delivering a package than buying attire. "Lord Iolion," Polly greets the man in black and green, which is good given that he's almost completely obscured by an enormous armload of packages wrapped in brightly-colored paper. Typical for royals: their bear-like strength encourages them to carry so much they can't see where they're going.

"Polly, is that you?" he calls from behind the package stack. There are many of them, each meticulously wrapped in a different shade. "Is Veronica about? I'm returned from Taiji's and I brought some of the Jadean silkscreens she asked about."

Editor's Note: At this point in the scene Zachary has disconnected. As the scene was originally a planned scene between Iolion and Veronica and his absence was growing he was +tidied home. He returned a bit later and explained it was a connection issue out of his control and rejoined the scene. ICly he never left but was quietly looking about the shop and unnoticed until he posed back in.

"Lady Veronica is here, Lord Iolion, yes sir," Polly replies to the question as she moves to help guide him to a space he can set the packages down. "I hope your trip from Jade was unaventful," she adds politely.

Across the shop, as her customer's attention drifts away towards items that won't be horrible on him, Veronica becomes aware of Iolion's entrance and she dismisses the customer from her mind for the time being as she turns her attention towards her paramour. "Iolion," she calls out and then quickly moves to his side - - though she did not run, no in deed as that would be unsightly - - and says, "Thank you for those, they are very hard to find here in Amber."

"Not terribly eventful, although I did have to concuss someone with a mackerel," Iolion answers Polly as he sets the stack of neatly-wrapped fabrics down. "Everyone expects to see me draw a dagger. No one realizes a seven-pound fish swung at their head will do in a pinch. It's one of the great perks of the Blood, well, that and the Pattern - - things other people don't think of as weapons become very potent ones when Oberon's muscles are behind them. Why, Polly, I once dealt with a pickpocket by throwing him in the air as far as I could. A two-story drop to cobblestones settled his hash but proper." Like most royals, Iolion has a surprising tolerance for bloody tales of gore and recounts them with a cheerful lack of any sense of propriety. Then he's turning from Polly to Veronica, his smile broadening. "Ah, my darling." A brief but tasteful embrace is given, nothing to frighten bystanders. "Taiji sends his regards. Do you know Shao Satoshi? I introduced him to Taiji: they're thick as thieves."

Veronica shakes her head. "I do not, no," she says as, with the wave of a hand, she discretely indicates to Polly that she should go to the back room and bring something out for her. The matronly woman obviously understands what is being referred to and slips away into the back room. "He's a Pengali native I assume?" she asks interpreting this fact from the sound of the man's name.

The moment Polly turns to leave, Iolion simultaneously draws Veronica towards him as he steps into her. One hand goes to support her neck, one to her back, his leg hooking around hers at the knee and a vigorous collision of bodies: the liplock begins, is maintained as he dramatically dips her. The entire time she's supported by her neck and the small of her back, never at risk of dropping, although he does dip her until she's damned near horizontal and he's damned near kneeling. Several seconds of intense tongue-and-tonsil work follow before abruptly straightening up before Polly returns, none the wiser to what happened in the thirty seconds she was gone.

"Mmmhmm, yes, he's from the Kingdom of Jade," Iolion is heard answering as Polly returns. "A pleasant and companionable sort, I really ought introduce the two of you sometime."

While her paramour may wish to conceal his actions from Polly, Veronica makes no effort to do so, allowing her slightly disheveled dress and tousled hair tell the tale in total even if one were to ignore the contented grin on her features.

Polly, smiling knowingly at her employer's situation, returns carrying a nearly three foot long bundle of cloth. She initially starts to offer it to Veronica but the Mon shakes her head and indicates it should be given directly to Iolion, which Polly immediately does with no hesitation.

"I hope you like the choices I made in making this for you, Iolion," she says to him as the bundle is presented to him.

Editor's Note: The token for the sword can be viewed with +token Iolion's FH5. It was created via Magic-Hardened Blade (REC-MB) with Collegia (ART-CA), Artist (SKL-AT), and All That Glitters (REC-GL). Its title is "Fancy but Functional Cutlass" and its description is:

This is a heavy cutlass crafted by Veronica for Iolion which is half an inch shy of thirty-two inches long overall. The nearly two-inch wide blade is itself twenty-five inches long, the first nine-inches being double bladed. Married to the clean cutlass blade is a hybrid guard consisting of both a sturdy basket, crafted from a plate hollowed by cutting, with a swept-s guard positioned around and above the weapon's four inch leather wrapped grip which terminates at a rounded pommel. The blade is functional and clean steel, the leather of the grip is subtle and black, and while all the metal is steel, Veronica has applied magic to it making the guard and pommel appear to be made of other metals: the pommel and swept-s have the silvery luster of the noble metals silver, platinum or palladium - - and is more likely to be thought to be made of one of the latter two due to the resistance it has, as hardened steel, to scratches - - while the basket has the yellow sheen of 22karat crown gold. In total the weapon weights a few ounces more than three pounds.

The sword is paired with a scabbard with a metal cap at each end - - magically enhanced to have the appearance of 22karat crown gold to match the basket of the sword - - while the rest of the scabbard is black, hardened leather.

At the base of the blade, on the outside below the golden guard, is a monogram of VN made with five connected lines of glittering gold which appear engraved on the surface but cannot be felt when touched.

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Editor's Note: Zachary reconnected and returned to the room at this point.

After Iolion's entrance Polly told him that Veronica was there and asked about the trip. With Zachary's attention focused on items she felt would be suiting him, the Mon went over to her fellow Chantris and greeted him happily where upon he gave her a tasteful embrace after telling Polly about using a mackerel as a bludgeoning weapon on his trip and having once defeated a pickpocket by chucking him two stories into the air. Polly was sent to retrieve a package which she brought to Iolion - - during which he passionately dipsmooched the fashion designer with little care for the apparently forgotten other in the shop. While the Royal Chantris attempted to disguise this event from the matronly employee, Veronica made no such attempt much to Polly's apparent amusement. "I hope you like the choices I made in making this for you, Iolion," was the last thing said - - by Veronica - - as the package was given to the man.

Iolion, having been given a long package by Polly, begins to unwrap it with anticipation. He knows what's inside, of course - - how many packages come wrapped in oilcloth? - - but not the particulars until the cutlass within is revealed: three feet of shining steel with accents of gold and silver, and a heavy basket that looks as if it's meant for clobbering faces and not just deflecting sword strikes. Ever a believer in getting things in the proper order, he keeps himself well-composed as he hangs the sheath off his belt - - and then breaks into a schoolboy's grin as he hefts the sword in hand for the first time. He says nothing the entire time, but the glee he expresses more than communicates his sentiments. Royals and their blades… well, at least he doesn't take after his mother and insist on carrying an axe with him everywhere.

Zachary is honesty the sort of individual that when he wants to, can quite easily blend into the background. And this is what he did throughout this moment or twenty. He might be watching right now, left, right, left and right again. Behold! And fold. This is not the shirt he intends to buy.

Veronica's smile vanishes for a moment as she - - deadly seriously - - asks, "So you hate it with a passion do you?" only to then have a brilliant smirk spread across her features - - her expression showing that she was, of course, pulling Iolion's leg.

"If I'd had this with me, I might not have needed to brain someone with a mackerel," Iolion points out in good cheer. "Use the right tool for the job, I always say! Unless it would be hilarious to do otherwise, then you should definitely swing a mackerel like a meteor hammer. Street toughs aren't afraid of an uplifted knife, but a man who'll beat them to death with a fish just is not to be messed with." He gives the blade another fond, nigh-pornographic look, before stowing it in the sheath.

Zachary tilts his head, resting his metal-clad hands atop a stack of clothing neatly folded. He smooths the line of his coat lapels though, tugging them precisely as he turns to walk to the door.

Polly intercepts Zachary's path to the door. "I apologize if we abandoned you there, Lord Jones," she says and then asks, "Did you find anything you would like to try on before you leave?"

"I'm glad you like it," Veronica says to Iolion. Like her matronly employee she notices Zachary preparing to depart but as Polly is speaking with him she doesn't immediately move towards him.

"I'll let you get to your business, Veronica," Iolion offers with some reluctance. "Business before pleasure, and all that. But I'll be seeing you later tonight, I hope?"

Zachary throws his hands up to the matronly seamstress. "No, I'm good… I don't need ta… nope!" Both hands thrown up, he turns to vamoose.

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