Fullname: Walter Oriata Karm
Alias: Walt
Age1: 350
Features: Brown dreadlocks
Height: 6'2"
House: Karm and Sukho
Themesong: "Song", Artist
Played By: Jason Mamoa
Assignment: Gate Keeper
Rank: Alchemist
Titles: Lord


Dreadlocks set off the man's appearance. Thick twists of hair that range from black to golden brown in their rolls come down to his broad shoulders. His skin is lightly creamed coffee, his eyes a brown so dark as to be black. A well trimmed mustache and goatee frames his mouth. He is a large man, a little over six feet in height and solidly built. Age is barely worn on this man, placing him in his mid to late twenties at best. One finger holds a heavy silver and pale sapphire signet ring.

Public History

She was a hot drink of lava that turned a man's head without trying. Her name was Mahalia and she was trouble for Alaine the moment she walked into his temporary hut on an island in Sukho. They had good times. They bad times. They had confused conversations over fresh caught fish and long walks along the beaches and through the jungles while Alaine looked for the witch he'd been sent to these jungles to find. Eventually those long walks would produce me. Alaine never found the witch. Not until it was too late. He never knew she was with him the whole time, or that she was teaching their son how to brew potions that might not be ethical. Alaine never knew until old age made her slip up. And then it broke him.

This is how Walter came into the world; through the ironic tragedy that was the romance of his parents. Alaine would take Mahalia's life, as Duty compelled him, but he'd never be the same for it. He would retreat back to Sukho rather than Karm and hide in the hut-that-had-become-more. Walter would be left to his own devices on the island, or when possible the care of his relatives in Amber. While he had learned some of a witch-hunter's skills from his father, and alchemy from his mother, it would become Gates and the dangers around them that would eventually draw the man to Amber full time.

The Karm even briefly served in Amber's Navy after a rather drunken night spent wagering with Prince Gerard. He did a full tour but was never much to speak of. An accomplished brawler, great with small boats, but never much for the rigid command structure of formal militaries. As soon as his tour was over he left the Navy to resume his duties as a witch-hunter and Gate-keeper for Karm.

Over the ensuing centuries Walter would make a name for himself. His occasional forays into Alchemy, combined with the knowledge learned on the job, would lead him to being the alchemist of choice for many of the family and the Royals. He even took a crack of curing Prince Caine of the Black Road using alchemy; an experiment that failed when the Prince refused to put up with the side-effects.

When Karm rediscovered the Bulwark, Walter was there to lead the research. It was here that Adrianna would rediscover a lost Karm tattoo, and Walter would get an idea for the Greater Binding that Karm once used, though there were not enough pieces left to put one back in action. It was here, too, that Walter and Catriona would come to face one of Karm's deadliest enemies, and ultimately fail to contain the Nameless. The Nameless, who took over Lucius for a time.

When Karm's City of Doors was discovered by Bleys and then-Duchess Lilith, Walter was one of the first to respond to the call for exploration. Together with Catriona, Walter plumbed the depths of the city and the pair were able to rediscover many of the lost secrets of Karm and Gates. Now, armed with the knowledge of how to open Shaped Gates, Walter has seeming retreat to shadow.

What most do not know is that Walter has gone to the Keep of Four Worlds, previously unlocked with the help of his cousin Adrianna. There, with Aubric exiled from the Shadow, Walter has been left on his own to study the rifts cut into place by Worldcutter.

The Black Road

Life can't always be one of charm and magic. As a Witch-Hunter, Walter has been exposed to some of the most vile creatures in creation. As an alchemist, Walter has exposed himself to far too many potions that should have killed a lesser man. Indeed, it's probably only the Karm Blood that has kept him from death in his many experiments. But one of the most insidious forces in creation, the Black Road, is one which has marked Walter the deepest.

While he blamed Prince Caine for the exposure - the Mark happening after Caine tried to open a Gate in Amber and had to be repelled by the Karm - the truth is that Walter brought the Mark on himself. During his alchemical experimentation, he used a bit of Chaos goop to power a potion for transformation. Walter wanted to impress a girl, wanted to show her he could be the mythical phoenix of legend. He was partially successfully; he did become a phoenix. But in drinking the potion he was forever scarred by the Black Road.

Since that time, Walter has been looking for a way to rid himself of the Mark. This is why he took on the quest to rid Caine of his own Chaos Taint, figuring that if the Prince died in the experimentation then at least the world would be rid of one more Chaos-tainted megalomaniac. With both Caine and Fiamme failing to complete the course of treatment, though, Walter abandoned that particular cure. Most recently he's been using the energies of the Keep of Four Worlds to try and battle his inner turmoil.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Karm Walter is a Karm and well versed in many of their magics - from Gates to Alchemy and back around to Illuminata.
  • Temper Walter has the Karm temper as well. He's been known to declare vendetta on the likes of Amber Royals - Caine comes to mind.
  • Alchemy Nothing makes Walter happier than brewing a good potion.
  • Transformation Walter transforms into a fiery phoenix.
  • Tattoos are something Walter's interested in. He has more than a few already.
  • Gates Walter is recognized by many as the premier expert on Gates. And that's saying something from a family of Gate experts.

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