What really happened at the docks.
Location: The Docks
Date: 06/25/15
Cast: Jhavid Mercier

Log Title

Trouble at the docks, what really happened.

February 17th, 2015

[ Docks ]---------[ Amber City ]

The harbor is large, sheltered and with deep draft, well suited to a
maritime kingdom such as Amber. The inner docks can accomodate the
largest of vessels and do so, making for efficient longshoring and
draying operations for merchant ships, and rapid resupply and
refitting for Amber's navy. Past the commercial and naval piers, a
long quay extends far into the harbor for the benefit of smaller
craft, a panoply of small pleasure boats, explorer caravels and
everything in between. Chandleries, husbandries and other marine
services have small offices here, typically in structures built onto
the docks themselves.

Beyond the docks, to the north, lies the busy harbor commercial
buildings of Quay Street. If one follows the eastern curve of the
shore, the man-made curves of the harbor eventually gives way to the
raw coastline of a rocky beach.

Autumn, Carmichael, Dirk, Jhavid, Mercier, and Wynd are here.

[ ships ]---------[ Exits: N S ]

Carmichael flicks ash from his smoke. "Just let me know if any of the traders come in from Ennisport, Scarlet…" this to one of the harlots that was talking to him. She smiles at him and winks. "Will do, sugarpie…" as she drifts off down the way to hook a sailor off one of the fancier ships. Afterwards, he nods to Dirk as the man approaches and his pale eyes drift over to the newly arrived lady in finery, as she steeps down the gangplank. "Welcome to Amber…" is offered "…there's been good fishing the last little while, thanks to the blessings of Rebma." Indeed, there has been. Not that noses really appreciate this, but that's that. Mercier's work with the hefting of boxes draws a brief glance and a jerk of the chin in that direction, before focus is resumed on the close-by.

One of the longshoreman, a foreigner by his mannerisms and dress, begins to whistle at the new entrant, small and fragine or not, it /was/ a lady, but he's quickly elbowed by a wiser, older fellow, who looks like he was left in to bake too long under the sun. Catcall the doxy's, don't catcall the nobility.

Mercier snorts a bit and moves a little on the crate, padding around his vest before he's yelled at by some sailor or another. He gives Carmichael a nod, as they exchange glances, before standing up, and motioning one of the other longshoreman over. With a grunt, the two heft the crate up and move it towards the warehouse, before Mercier returns, making a b-line for his coat to obtain a cigerette, placing it in his mouth. It seems it was the tail end of their work.

Wynd listens to his belly grumble but the beast knows better than to let immediate hunger distract from the hunt. Prey moves, netted in a cart as fish mongers wheel it from the docks. stretching in preparation he breathes slowly ready to launch an attack.

"That is good to hear it means more stomachs will be full and less of them growling." The small strawberry blonde woman responds back. The woman laughs at the cat call and calls back. "Thank you for the compliment." Her gaze then goes to Mercier and after a moment she says. "Are you for hire for I do not think that that the sailors will take me much further, for that matter are any of you for hire and how well do you know the city." She asks. Her gaze moves over to Wynd and she watches him for a moment.

Tessa has connected.

Dirk looks at Carm and Mercier.

Carmichael's cigarette is finished off, the end of it stubbed against the awning of the shop he's occupying the entrance of. This one has closed for business, apparently a 'day trade' and not, as are most of the other shops along the harbourfront, night-friendly. Autumn's reaction to the catcall earns a chuckle from the man, his voice very deep and gravelly, as if his throat had long ago been burned and never quite recovered. "Take it as a compliment, good call there…" he glances at Mercier a moment, who is sweaty and hunting a smoke down like the elusive creature it is, then Dirk. "My fellow here, knows the city extremely well — he has friends in high and low places. Where were you looking to get to, m'lady? You do not need to hire, though I'm sure a less fortunate type wouldn't argue with the extra pennies," he pauses, looking at her with closer scrutiny, in particular the reddish hair. Not that that's necessarily a calling card, he nevertheless asks: "Are you pathian, perchance?"

Stepping off the gangplank of a large Minosian warship is Jhavid. Right behind him is a man who, by his uniform, is a member of the Amber port authority. He hands the man a shipping manifest and a small bag of coin. Those who look closely might recognize the stamp of Ennisport on the manifest. The man just nods as Jhavid says, "Paperwork's in order there. I'll have my lads start off-loading directly. The man nods again and heads off down the docks. Jhavid looks back up towards the large black-sailed vessel and signals to someone on deck before heading down the docks also, which takes him in Carmichael's direction.

Tessa is seated on a crate, smoking, green hair pulled back in a pony tail.

Mercier leaves the unlit cigerette in his mouth, and produces a hankerchief to whipe his brow, before rolling down his sleeves and adjusting a sleeve garther here and there, before reaching down for his coat, cocking his head as he's addressed by the Pathian woman, "I beg your pardon, milady, were you addressing me?" He asks adjusting his coat, "What were you looking to hire me for? If its for a simple courtesy as , I'm afraid I could not allow money to exchange hands for that." He notes, glancing to Carmichael, "I'm not sure about friends and high and low places, but I know it about as well as any other immigrant." He provides a winning smile, his eyes spotting the black sails of the infamous leviathan. He trails away and that smile drops slightly as Jhavid is spotted. He doesn't spend too much time off the new lady, "What was it you needed, milady?"

Wynd darts across the muddy street bare foot using his small frame to hide from the fisherman's eyes as he plants his back on the side of the cart. Taking a few steps as it moves, he helps himself to a cis and then crouches on all fours between the wheels. The fish resting in his teeth he pulls himself up slowly on the other side of the cart and scampers across the muddy street to hop up and behind several barrels of a crab shack.

Syeira comes here from the direction of the Main Concourse and Embassy Way - Amber City.
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Autumn's gaze goes from Wynd back to the Lord. "Aye that is correct good sir, and whom do I have the pleasure conversing with? Our hair does have a way of making us stand out like a sore thumb on a carpenter. Though, it is not a guarantee as I have meant some who should be a toe head but their hair is as black as pitch." She laughs a little and adds, " and yes, we do talk." She offers him a wink. Mercier gains her attention next. "I am talking to you, good master, though I do not know your name. I could use some help getting these items to the embassy. The trunks are heavy and I would have to insist on letting the coin exchange hands." Her gaze goes to Jhavid as she sees him from the corner of her eye.

Dirk looks at jhavid and waves to him quietly. He heads towards Carm and takes out a flask and hands it to him.

Tessa slips off her crate with a smooth hop, plucking her cigarette from her lips and tapping out the ashes.
Carmichael's chin lifts again to Jhavid, a greeting of sorts to the Captain of the Leviathan, he listens thereafter to Autumn's affirmation of her origins. "It does rather, I'm afraid…" he holds up a hand, palm out in a 'hold' gesture and takes the flask from Dirk, sniffing it as he steps free of the awning and calls to several of the more idle workers, who had finished their work a while back. "Jenkins, Smith, Whitecliff… take these up to the pathian embassy…" he gestures at Autumn's trunks and suitcases. "Report to the blue room afterwards, you'll get good dues…" A lump of wax is tossed underhand to the eldest of the workers, with a nod that seems to take that account as paid. The man looks at it, nods and arranges his team to start hauling. Coming back closer once more, he indicates Mercier with a spread of hands. "Mister Templeton, a merchant of some small talent…" indicating Dirk as the man is right there "Dirk," and he bows his head in a curt military style. "Prince Carmichael Montfalcon," which is delivered in a mild tone, because presumably, no one would be daft enough to claim to be a prince that wasn't one.

Jhavid rolls some sort of weed or another with a practiced hand as he walks. When he lights it, it gives off a pungent aroma as it burns. Dirk's wave gets returned. He moves up behind Carmichael making no effort to hide himself as he clasps Carmichael lightly on the shoulder. "What brings you down to the seedy part of town, prince? Aren't you supposed to still be on a honeymoon. You know Random doesn't pay overtime, right?"

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Mercier turns his head as the lady does provide the services she should need, but Carmichael is quite fast with the orders, which was a good thing at that. The fellow was just a merchant after all." He adjusts his coat and places his hat on his head, firmly and neatly, before tipping the bowler towards the lady, "As introduced, Templeton. Arthur Templeton, and it is a pleasure to make your aquantance milady." His smile hs diminished considerably with the approach of Jhavid, "Very small talent. Such that I find myself a more successful stevadore, in part time."

Syeira bounces down the street along the docks. Beams and handholds used to for her normal acrobatics, spinning and tumbling through the air tumbling over crates. Giggles and squeals in delight with her playfulness playing on the docks as she's want to do.

Dirk holds out his hand for his flask and smiles at Autumn.

"I thank your highness; I am Ambassador Autumn of Pathi, if restitution for services rendered please let me know." She offers in turn. Then to each of those who are there she offers a bow of her head. "It is a pleasure to meet you all." Her eyes hone in on that diminished smile and she nods her head a little bit. The offered flask as her smile brightening, "I thank you for the offer and I will partake." She goes to take the offered flask from Dirk. Her gaze moves to the gypsy. She watches her for a moment before she looks bac to the flask once it is released by Dirk. Her casts another look at Jhavid.

Carmichael laughs a little at the scent from the flask, watching it pass hands. Jhavid's presence has him glancing to that side and nodding. "You're amusing. Like Random pays -at all-… but you're correct. I had something I had to deal with, something insufferable that was niggling on my sense of responsibility /and/ the urge to gain proper restitution. So, here I am. I'll be trumping back to the cruise, later on. One thing as can be said for marrying an actor, they know a bad one when they see one. I was practically booted out, until I dealt with it and could relax again." There's a faint, crooked smile to that, glancing at the leviathan, then to the dock authorities. He saw. He doesn't question. Instead, he lifts a hand to greet the tumbling gypsy, whose entertainment after a long day for most of these folks that work long hours, is a welcome thing, then focuses upon Autumn once more. "Aaah, a pleasure! It has been a while since I saw anyone in the pathian embassy, I must admit. We've a great many of your countrimen and no true representation of them, in such a fashion."

Dirk looks like he wants to talk to Autumn but is. curiously tounge tied.

Jhavid nods at Carmichael as he slides away from the conversation, moving into position to catch Sye as she tumbles off a crate. Unceremoniously he carries her back to the group and sits her down, on her feet, but not without planting a big friendly kiss on the cheek. "Speaking of which, have you met Syeira?"

Syeira squeels as she is caught from one of her tumbles, giggling and kicking her feet. Least until she realizes who it is that caught her before there is a big ole frown, "You. Least you remember my name, ya!" bouncing on her feet waving at the new person, "Hi!"

"That is what I have heard. It has been a while since we have had representation here, though we have had it in the past." Autumn takes a sip from the flask. She looks puzzled for a moment as the liquid touches her tongue. "A too sweet for me but it is a delight after having taste of the new catch in my mouth and clinging to my clothing now like a cheap perfume." She says to Drik then something occurs to her. "Perhaps you and I can converse with a quill and paper later if you write." This is said to him and she holds his flask out to him. "I thank you for the drink." A nod of her head is offered to the Gypsy. "Pleasure to meet you."

Tessa exchanges coins with one of the vendors, snapping open a roll of papers and scanning the content. A giggling gypsy, and her male partner walking by, only get glimpsed at.

Dirk smiles and nods, "I'd like that ma'am, really would." he takes his flask back.

"An ambassador no less, I'm sure the lads will be quite rueful to have made such an impolite comment to you previously, your excellency." Mercier notes, fishing around for his coat and producing a small thin lighter. He gives a tip of his hat to Syeira as she arrives, "Milady, a pleasure to see you again." He notes to her with a smile. He pointedly does not acknowledge Jhavid at all. He clicks the lighter open and lights his own cigerette, which is plain tabacco, or whatever equivelent he could find in Amber most days. He looks to Carmichael, "Ah yes… I am sorry to say I wasn't more prepared to offer my congratulations to you your highness, though for who and what precisely, I'm still a bit in the dark. You do know how to keep a secret."

Dirk looks at Autumn, "the penguins are Jack's fault." he is covering his bum before the fact.

Carmichael reaches out to Syeira's chin, a crooked finger used to tap it gently with a click of the tongue and a wink. "Amber, 'tis a pease porridge of people, and that's the truth. Hello, princess," said with a flash of teeth in a grin, the tone he used suggests that's not an actual title, but a name for Syeira, there's a gesture of open palm to her and a half-bow with it, for the tease. "Ambassador," toward Autumn "I am afraid my man here," with a nod at Dirk "…finds himself tonguetied quite often infront of redheads. I assure you, it will take almost no time at all, for him to adjust. Perhaps though, it might be a wise idea to adjourn to where the smell isn't quite so pervasive and some liquid refreshment can be had. Surya's, springs to mind… a coffee house. They have the very finest that alhambra can produce." He glances at Mercier and seems to find what was said a little funny, from the husky laugh that follows. "It's something to do with the stone-face I inherited, I think. But thank you for your felicitations. Perhaps you'd like to lead the way to the upper city?" There seems to be some indecision here, particularly as he spots Tessa taking stock of certain things. "I will accompany you, of course." Looking about at at all and sundry, there's a tip of his chin. "If you'll excuse me a moment…" and he makes to stride over to Tessa's side.

Syeira hands go to hips and her weight shifts with a grin dancing on her features, "Milady, Princes, and slant now there is a fantastically wonderful array of titles, ya." she winks at the ambassador, "Welcome to this crazy place, ya. Sos, Pathi, um..ya what's that exactly, ya?"

Jhavid gives Sye a look of mock disapproval, but offers her a share of what he's smoking. "As if I'd forgotten?" Carmichael gets a look of mock disappointment. "Surya's? At this hour? There's got to be a fair number of places more interesting at this hour than the coffeeshop, with more appropriate fare as well. If you're set on upper city though I'd suggest the Crown at least. They serve rum." He waits a moment then looks pointedly at Templeton. "Hello Templeton. Long time, eh?"

Dirk just smiles a little.

Tessa glances up at the approach of Carmichael, folding the papers in her hands with a nod. She doesn't speak, but she seems to be giving the Prince an attentive silence. After all, he approached her with the desire to speak. Any congratulations she might have can wait.

Jack disembarks from Honestas.
Jack has arrived.

Muttering to Tessa, Carmichael approaches Tessa and leans down to the woman's ear, reaching into his inner coat pocket to produce a protected scrollcase. "The contract,… neatly signed… I… things,… I'll be buggered… going… it hanging. I… you… you know…. I… you an entire tier… mint…" As the case is handed over. "… you… at… and… your opinion… to… that… our… with… who choose… De… manticore…"

"But my girly figure," Tessa says with a sigh at Carmichael, taking a scrollcase from his hands. "I'll go over it, and keep it in a safe place." She taps it against her hand gently, treating whatever is inside with care, looking up at something shared to her. Maybe the Manticores? "I remember. Let me see it."

Jack is rowed up to the docks on a dingy by some of the crew of one of the Chantris ships. He climbs the ladder and pauses to look abount him before walking down the dock toward the city.

Mercier raises an eyebrow at Carmichael, before looking to Jhavid, "On the contrary, it has not been long enough, Mister." The merchant responds to Jhavid, with a polite, not-at-all sincere smile. He tips his hat to Tessa as she approaches, in greeting. Knight or not, she was worth the hat tip. He looks to Carmichael, "Oh. I would be delighted to show the lady the proper direction, but I'm afraid if current company does not change I will not be able to join you." He notes, eyes trailing to Jhavid once again.

Syeira bounces and skips around, "Sadly, I can't join either though has nothing to do with the present company, ya. Have a party to be going to soon, ya." she winks and wiggles her fingers to everyone, "I need to be skipping off. Oh and by the way there is an artsy little place not far from here, ya. Should check it out one day or night." she wiggles and bounces starting to leave.

Syeira has left.

Carmichael glances up at the departure of Syeira, a wave sent her way as she tumbles off and a sharp-eyed look sent to Jhavid, belatedly at his suggestion of places to entertain a new ambassador. He turns back to Tessa though, fishing in his pockets once more and handing over a missive of some kind, also in a scrollcase.

Dirk says "yo templeton?"

Autumn offers a curious look to Carmichael, Tessa and then Drik is offered a grin. "Excellent, I do hope you will join me for tea, then." She says then a frown and she tilts her head to the side as if listening to something that is far off. She turns her head in the direction of Jack. The frown turns to a smile. "Something wicked this way comes." As she says that it turns to a grin.

Autumn laughs suddenly and nods her head in the direction of Mercier. "There appears to be much to learn here."

Standing there on the dock before he starts walking, Jack pulls a rag from the satchel at his side. He draws the long bladed dirk and wipes it, and then does the same for the rapier. He adjust them and makes sure they are easily drawn from their scabbards. He walks down the docks as attentions are shot his way. Looking about the group he says first to Jhavid, "Captain Flay. Plesant weather we are having, yes? I would hate it to be runied by an accidental stabbing because there are stupid people about." He then grins brightly and looks to Autumn, "My o my. Indeed. Greetings." He looks to Dirk and shoots him a fast grin.

Something just drastically changed Jhavid's mood. He tosses aside what he was smoking and lays a hand on one of the long knives on his belt, openly glaring at Templeton. "Hey. You. You see that big thing behind me with the fuckin' sails and cannons on it?" He slides a bit to the side and rotates slightly, so that no one is outside of his peripheral vision.

Dirk points to Jack, "lady autumn? The penguins are his fault, no matter who sends them the blame belongs to him."

Tessa, after storing the first case in the deep pocket of her coat, turns to the second. She twists the top, then pulls out the content, unrolling it with one last cautious look to Carmichael. She's reading, it's obvious that she is by the shifting of her eyes across the page. Then she rolls it up and places it back inside, "You were given royal lead and a budget to act within the best interest of Amber is devising an, for lack of a better definition, air force. Having said that, in regards to the tone of the letter, it depends if you value the service of the individual. You owe no explanation to this person, and the idea that she somehow deserves untoward reassurances from the King is a bit laughable My suggestion, if you really think this is the appropriate tools, would be to look into another Begman engineer if the person in question deigns to deny your gracious offer to help establish an important facet of the Royal Army's logistics. Hywel has come highly recommended through Chantris' shipwright business and is by all accounts less mecurial in moods."

Ailith disembarks from Honestas.
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Mercier gives a nod to Autumn at her notion of there being much to learn, providing a smile to her, "Oh, quite, but it all falls into place, one foot after the other. There are a number of Pathi here in the city that can certainly help you get caught up. Though I wouldn't linger here in the lower city wearing as much finery. Not that you're in any danger with the Price so nearby…" He trails off as Jhavid addresses him, his eyes dropping to the man resting a hand on his blade, then towards Jack with his swords and ambigious comment. He casually reaches up to loosen his tie, "No need for any of that." He notes, glancing beyond Jhavid towards the ship with the black sales, "The floating warcrime? Yes, I've been aware of it."

Dirk yells"templeton, he's my brother,please don't pick a fight with him. my brother stabs, I decapitate lets not go there."Dirk seems rather calm about the whole idea.

Jack stalks up, eyes abit wide, weight shifted to his toes, but comes to a standing point a half a step ahead of Mercier, and a few steps away from Jhavid. Jack's left hand falls to his dirk, but his right is not on his sword as of yet. "It is fine weather I said we are having, right Captain?"

"It is lovely, is it not my dear Jack." Autumn laughs and then it fades when insults are tossed like pebbles into a pond and it creates ripples. Her scarred hands tighten. "Well this is not a way to make an impression on a visiting dignitary. Let us have peace this night." She looks to Mercier. "I am not worried about thieves, though the advice is sound." She turns back to Jack. "Jack my dear it has been too long, I pray you are well this day. Peace my friend do not make me get involved." She states. She then looks to the Prince and his mate. "Apparently the cat is out of the bag."

Carmichael nods as he listens to Tessa's words. "It wasn't my call to go to that particular source," he casts his eyes over to Dirk by way of indicator. "I'm curious to see what might come of it, but as you note…" And anything else he might have said is forstalled by the offense being taken. Reaching behind himself with his left hand, his bow is unfastened and held down, unstrung, his right reaches up and takes a hold of the grip of his flamberge. "Lady Ambassador, if you would perhaps take steps toward me and mine, I would appreciate it…" is called to Autumn. He doesn't draw the sword yet, at least, it's simply held.

Ailith walks lightly down the gangplank of the Honestas, looking for - ah, there are the kinfolk. As to trouble, well, one has to be a bit closer to see *that*, and she isn't just yet.

It's obvious Jhavid is aware of what people around him are saying and doing, but for the moment he's keeping Templeton in the center of his field of vision. Although he seems angered, his body isn't tense and he seems unperturbed by the potential interjection of others. His eyes are burning a hole into Templeton though. "Yes I'm sure you are you poncy little fuck. So you'd be aware then what the man in charge of one of those is called then, aye? And I'd choose my words carefully, Templeton. I've a Cibolan first mate who assures me he's got a wonderful recipe for tongue, and I've not dismissed them for chow yet."

Tessa squints, turning around to get an idea of the situation that would have Carmichael reaching for his flamberge.

Dirk heads for Carm and stays away from fighting

It's soft at first, as she's walking calmly down the pier toward the gathering. But her voice is a clear and trained alto, singing a gentle, sweet song whose lyrics likely only another Chantris can understand. But the *aura* that comes with the music needs no translation. It's calming, soothing. Not a lullabye, no, but the music of ice water to heated passions and angry words.

"Poncy? Me?" Mercier points to himself innocently, glancing down to his suit, which isn't expensive by any means, before shaking his head, "You must excuese me, I'm a foreigner and an ignorant one at that, I'm afraid I have no idea what titles Cibolan's prefer to affect to their vessel's masters, and I'm not particularly familier with your vessel's particular customs. But I'm sure you're welcome to them." Mercier says, with a tone of conversational regret, as if he was simply at a party and unfamilier that Jane had broken up with John. If he turns his head to address Dirk, its not far enough to lose sight of the pirate, and unlike Jhavid, Mercier is, at least not visibly, armed, "I'm aware of your relation in a general sense, highness, my apologies for the unpleasentness." He regards Autumn, a moment, "My apologies to you as well, your excellency." Back to Jhavid, "As I said, there's no need for any of that, especially among the objections of a lady, and certainly no need for such graphic descriptions in front of one."

Wynd comes here from the direction of the Main Concourse and Embassy Way - Amber City.
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Jack says to Jhavid, "The man has hired House Chantris. If you have problems with that Captain, then at this time until that contract has been abolished, then you will have to take up such actions with me. I would hate for that to happen." His voice calms and he smiles, "We can say since there has been an apology, that I owe you a drink. Will that work for you Captain Flay?"

Dirk says "jack… So if the captain has a problem and in have a problem and the captain and I have the same problem with the same person does that mean i get to hug you and then dump you in the harbor?"

"I thank you all for the consideration, good Master." Autumn responds back in kind with a patient voice. She turns her head and looks at Ailith and nods her head though there is a slight puzzled look on her face. She shakes her head and looks back to Jack and raises a single strawberry blond eyebrow in his direction before she sniffs delicately. Her eyes comes to rest on the Captain in question. "Peace please, this is not the time nor the place and do you really wish to spill blood before dinner. Especially when such a lovely song can be heard." She looks at Carmichael and she offers him a smile. "I place the good master under my protection, therefore he is now part of my embassy and considered my staff. You are in agreement with this arrangement your highness? If he is in agreement and if he truly wishes to step away from this, I also do hope we can have tea sometime and hope you will allow your lovely wife to join us. Also if I recall the master is not a noble therefore does not need to heed the call to duel." Then a look is given to Jack.

Jhavid's attention shifts every so slightly away from Templeton, although not taking him out of his sight. It's merely an indication that other peoples' input is heard and acknowledged. "Who Templeton is hired is your problem and not mine. You know full well what he said and why I can't let it slide." With his other hand Jhavid slides open his coat a bit more, revealing a brace of pistols tucked into his belt. "If any of you are under the impression that I recognize any of your authority then perhaps I should clarify that you are sadly mistaken."

The next statement is obviously directly to Templeton, "Listen to me carefully. Despite whatever you might think of me, I am intelligent enough to know sarcasm when I hear it. If the next words out of your mouth are not, 'I apologize, Captain' then that wind will be coming right out of your bladder. After that get the fuck out of here and don't come back. You just lost your dock privileges."

"Dirk! Mouth is open, sould be shut," Carmichael notes softly, to Dirk. The confusion and the sweet song have him looking up and over at Ailith, but his stance doesn't change. He has not drawn the flamberge yet, merely clasped it by the hilt. And then? Then there is much blinking, to catch up with the script of a plot that he only just got handed and there's a soft chuckle that threatens to become a little more, except that the music has powers to sooth the savage beast. "M'lady Ambassador, I…" more chuckles, then a stern reprimand of himself with clearing of throat "…I have no words. My wife and I will surely enjoy such repasse. I would still be obliged of you to step my way, behind myself and my Knight…" nodding at Tessa "…and my employee…" nodding at Dirk. "Although, I expect Monsieur Templeton to decline your generous offer…" he looks at Jhavid thereafter, grinning at the man full on. "Captain Flay, you /really/ want to make a bones of this? It's really a little pointless, although I will admit, I've clocked the good merchant, myself. Wrong words at the exact wrong time… it's hardly worth it. His Highness would recommend other courses of action. You get more out of it." This much said, he quiets.

Dirk looks at Carm with his mouth closed, where does Carm get theses funny ideas about open mouths. he opens his mouth to say yes sir and a belch comes out.

Ailith finishes approaching, her song loud and clear - and, it must be said, beautiful in the way only a Chantris' song could be. Whatever will come, it will come of calm reason, for under the music's sway no heated passions can maintain their fire. It does, of course, rather limit her ability to *speak*, but the fact she comes to stand near Templeton might be considered indicative - as is her calm and ready posture, watching Jhavid.

Tessa watches the conflict as it comes to a tense moment, and it's obvious she is considering giving the hue and the cry, considering the threat of steel and pistols that everyone's hands are slowly moving to. She exhales slowly, a very pointed sigh, stepping closer. It is perhaps to shield Autumn from any accidental blood spray. "Gentlemen, please. There are women about, and the Watch posted on every corner. Is this /really/ the place?"

"If you'd like, I can find a willing woman to tire you out. Hell, if it keeps you both sane, I'll handle it myself but just… walk away." Tessa reasons.

Mercier lets the offers of shelter and protection flit past and around him, not acknowledging them, but certainly not refusing them. It was, after all, not his pride on the line, specifically. He cocks his head to Jhavid, and then shakes his head, "Ruefully, the words cannot be that. You are master of your vessel, but you are not master of my tounge, and as much as good sense would indicate I should cower, I fear it would be impolite to better men for me to do so." Mercier raises eye eyebrow, cocking his head towards Tessa, "Dame, I am unarmed, and I've not had any wish to fight this man, nor, I hope, have I given any indication that I would prefer this outcome. But I work at these docks, I live near them, and I poured sweat, tears, and ardor into the relief efforts when that wave washed it away. What manner of nation would you have?" He looks to Jhavid, "You have the right to your tounge, and I have the right to mine. Anything less then that would be a tyranny. I have no wish to fight you, however, nor to meet your chief mate."

Wynd has laid upon rood feasting upon his own catch of the day. Hidden from human sight until noise of words made ears twitch. He sits up upon poor wooden tiles resting on a crab shack. Nose twitches as he searches through the smell of fish and ears recollect voice. Its then, some familiar faces are seen, and he crawls belly on the roof to peer down. the carcus of a fish held tightly unfinished in hand.

Jack steps inbetween Mercier and Jhavid. His left hand comes off the pommel of his dirk to hold his arms wide. "I have declared that an apology. I hope you have no desire to shoot a Lord of House Chantris here at the docks." Yes, Jhavid can probably shoot by Jack, but it would be a tricky shot indeed. Jack wears a cloak that seems to billow in the wind that would also confuse the shot. "If that is not enough of an apology, then we are at an impass and will have to solve this on a field of honor. Again. I offer you to allow this matter to be setted and that House Chantris will buy you a drink."

"Sometimes your highness it is best to keep the ripples from spreading by standing ones ground. I will be alright your highness, I will admit it may be seen as fool's stance from where you are standing." Autumn's frown slips away and is replaced with an impish smile. She places her hands on her hips and looks over at the water and then to those who have gathered. She says to Tessa. "Blood does come out of silk." Then there is a snort of laughter from Autumn. "I think this goes beyond copulation." She adds. Shaking her head takes a step closer towards the water.

Listening to Mercier she nods her head respectfully at his words. Then she peers at Jack as he steps between the men and she waits to see what they will do. Wynd is not seen at the moment and Ailith's song still has hold of of part of her.

Dirk is standing near Carm and asks "why can't I stick up for my brother?"

"Your brother? You don't have a brother in this," Carmichael notes, sighing slightly and releasing the grip he has on the hilt of his flamberge. Clearly, this is going to go a certain way! Tessa's words have him looking at the woman with a snort of amusement and a slight, but obvious eyeroll, turning back to the gathering of folks. "Captain Flay," he declares this with purpose, "I owe you a keg of rum." And to Mercier, he points the end of his bow, where it curves to hold the string in place. "Mister Templeton. Withdraw. I advise you in the future not to let your opine colour your approach to individuals. You know full well the gamut of individuals that call our docks their home, including yourself in that number. We can neither afford to be aggressive, nor can we afford to be opinionated, in all that pass through the eye of Amber's needle. If I catch you disrespecting /any/ of the navy again, I shall have words of a personal nature. Now get. Before he shoots you on account of me not being quick enough to say anything… and all your protests can be brought to me at a later date."

Jhavid me glares through Jack. "That wasn't an apology and you know it. It was him being a sarcastic little fuck because he knows he's got backup. Now get the fuck out of my way, and if anyone calls for the watch I swear by the seven seas I'll turn his head into a fucking canoe right here on the docks."

Wynd erupts in a wild howl on the roof top. Standing with the near fully eaten fish in hand, he raises it up and squawks. Slowly his eyes cast down on Jhavid, "ggu.. Go… way..! bah.. bad man!" Launching the fish at Jhavid, hit or mis won't matter, as the birds have been taunted with greater meals if they can get the meal tossed at the pirate.(wanna use ani-em.)

"Is that the way it is then?" Mercier notes, tilting his head to Carmichael, without, yet again, turning his face completely from the man with the /guns/. "If so I have no problem with voiceing my concerns to you privately, so much as I'm not quite sure you'd be terribly intereasted to hear them. As I said, I don't wish to fight him, and I have no objections to walking away, if it will save The Watch and these fine people a modicum of trouble, certainly." Mercier takes a step back as Jhavid takes a step forward. If he's lucky enough to be assisted by things in the way of Jhavid, so be it, but he slips backwards, attempting to slip into the crowd, and back into the night.

Jack calls behind him, "Captain Solaris, I suggest we urge our ward back to your ship." He takes a step back into Mercier to get him going backwards. He is still in the way of any possible good shot, "I stand resolved, at this point, Captain Flay, the word that he has given you is an apology. Once again, if you are stating that is not an apology, then you are calling me a liar, and we are at an impass that must be resolved at a proper place and time. Unless you are not honorable."

Carmichael jerks his chin up to the sky. Things being flung into the mix of things are not a good thing to have, overall. He makes a sound in his throat akin to 'ekekekkekeke' which has the seagulls that had been on various riggings swarming about the air above thier heads. He does nothing else, but the fling that was flung is snatched. This, is personal!

Fish that is another story, when Wynd Erupts from his hiding spot and the fish go flying Autumn takes another step closer to the water to get away from the fish this time and not the fighting.

Ailith nods to Jack, offering Mercier her hand. "Mister Templeton. Please return to the ship," she says, letting her song end. Its effect still lingers yet awhile, however. No telling quite how long.

Dirk is just watching with his mouth open in amazement at all the stuff going on. Sorry Carm. "wow all of this over one word, maybe I dont want to be taken more seriously." It sounds like Dirk is thinking and not quite realizing he's doing it putloud.

Wynd pounds on his bird like chest and gives Jhavid an ugly smile. Teeth! The boy parades intimidation like an animal would in taunt! Pausing then in meeting of females eyes. Struck then in pause of his animal like dance. Barefoot slips on sea coated roof. Legs up, he slides on his back, falling off the shack and into the mud covered stone streets of docks. Clutching his arm and rolling in the mud.

With a shake of her head at what has transpired, Autumn slips away. She is still shaking her head as she moves down the docks and even stops to get directions from a dockworker so she can get to embassy.

Autumn walks towards the north.
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As Templeton starts to slip away, Jhavid goes so step around Jack. "I swear by the seas Jack if he gets away I'll cut you a new ass and apologize to Talia later." Templeton seems to have made good advantage of Jhavid's distraction, and is almost to the point of disappearing into the dark. That's when a bald-headed, dark-skinned man steps from around a crate swinging a belaying pin, straight at Templeton.

Theres a lot of factors to keep in check when escaping into a a crowd, even an environment that you've taken to studying signifigantly, and sometimes, it doesn't quite work out. Sometimes, despite preperation, and consideration, and the help of others can't help against the machinations of mice and men. Mercier turns his head. Maybe he saw it coming. Maybe he didn't, it doesn't quite matter. The pin strikes his head with a solid crack, and the merchant collapses like a marionette suddenly bereft of strings, consciousness snuffed away in a brief painful flash of red, then black, black, black.

Ailith is by Mercier when he drops, and her *first* action, before all else, is to raise her left arm….and a shield of ice, hard as steel, forms around her forearm to defend against further attack. She drops to one knee, to see if Mercier lives.

Jack moves over so that it would be hard for Jhavid to move past him. Jhavid does not press the issue though so Jack stands there. He has obviously missed what has transpired behind him as all his focus is on Jhavid. "Good then. I did not desire a further conflict with you at this time. I will still say that I owe you a drink, hell a bottle, when and where you desire."

Tessa sees the blow that fells Mercier, an unclean cheap shot delivered cleanly. She clenches her fist, then reaches for the weighted glove on her belt. She /was/ a former Watchman, so her desire was to avoid conflict but Mercier was /also/ her friend. When the reinforced glove is pulled on, she advances on Jhavid.

The Cibolan tucks the pin into his belt and steps away from Ailith with his hands in the air. There's a grin on his face though that shows pearly white teeth filed down to points in the dark. As Tessa moves forward Jhavid takes a step backwards to try and separate himself from Jack as he puts a hand on the hilt of a pistol. "I think that's quite enough everyone. If you want your friend to stay in one piece so badly then your time would be better invested in teaching him not to pick fights, aye? I suggest you pick up your friend and take him somewhere to consider the consequences of his actions. And when he wakes up inform him that if I catch him on the docks when I'm in port again I may be temped to sell him to the Bregari."

Wynd walks towards the north.
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"I would advise against it," says Ailith calmly, as she picks Mercier's unconscious form up in her arms. "As your fleet is neither large enough to fend off that which would be sent after you, nor strong enough to retrieve him from the Bregari by itself." Unconscious merchant acquired, she carries him back down the pier she'd arrived by, returning to her ship.

Jack nods to Jhavid, now looking over his shoulder at Jhavid's first mate, lips pressing together tightly. He looks back to Jhavid, "If you are content to end this hear and now, then let it be ended. But remember House Chantris works these docks. I will make sure Templeton understands his place though." He holds up a hand to Tessa, "Please, no more for now."

Dirk has left.

Tessa's nostrils flare as she takes in a breath, sneering at the mention of the Bregari. Cooler heads prevail, and she averts her course to check on Mercier.

Jhavid waves to his first mate who begins to cut a wide berth around to join Jhavid who begins to back away towards his ship. He takes the hand off his pistol as he does so. "Captain Solaris, lady, Jack, I hope the rest of your evening is a better one."

Jack finally grins a little, "Yes. I hope yours is as well."

Dirk says, "does anyone need to yell at me"
Jack says, "Only good things."

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