Fullname: Wawrzynieg DiCarlo
Alias: Will is a nickname, thanks Ted
Age1: Looks 20s
Features: Dark hair / Dark eye colors
Height: 5 '9" measurements
House: House of Ciaran / Collegia graduate, little lost Weir
Themesong: none
Played By: Tyler Posey
Assignment: Herding Ted
Rank: Player
Titles: none


He's a young man, about 5ft 9" with expressive brown eyes and rich dark hair. He has swarthy good looks and a tightly muscled, compact body. He seems young and appears to be about twenty or twenty-five. His jaw is slightly off-centered. He wears a dark russet colored long-sleeved jerkin, brown leather pants and firm black boots.

Public History

Will is a lost puppy who was left at the Collegia where he bailed his friend Theodore out by helping him graduate. He's is loyal and eager to learn but tends with the slacking because of bad company. (More info would go here if Will would edit his own page).

Roleplay Hooks

  • Dramatic timing
  • Nepotism, Great-Gram Babe is Her Lunar Highness Princess Deirdre. Will doesn't think anyone knows him, but Theodore, but he and Ted are trying to use mad moves and books to get into the Moon Court.

Associates and Connections



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