Fullname: Wynter Rose Chantris
Alias: Wyntah
Age1: 121
Features: Black hair / ice blue eyes
Height: five foot 2 inches
House: Pathian / one commander of the Step Sons
Themesong: "Song", Artist
Played By: Ksenia Solo
Assignment: Trouble maker and trouble fixer
Rank: Custos and Magi
Titles: {$title}


This woman stands roughly five feet tall. Her hair is raven black and long. Loose it would fall to her waist but it is bound up in a ornate single braid that is draped over one shoulder. Her skin is pale with hints of natural blush in her cheeks. A sprinkling of freckles across nose and cheeks adds a touch of charm. Her eyes are ice blue and usually filled with laughter.

Small of bust and yet broad of hip she is graced with a woman's curves. She is dressed in military style with a fitted and tailored overcoat. The front of the overcoat a double breasted fashion waistcoat with a mandarin style collar. The back of the fitted jacket hanging down in tails. The black wool accented with red piping and black iron buttons. Each button depicted in raised relief rampant dragons. Decorating the red epaulets on the shoulders are embroidered black iron dragons with glittering saphire eyes. Her pants finely tailored black pants that match the jacket with red piping down the sides, tight fitting and leaving little to imagination. The pants dissapear into a pair of highly polished black leather riding boots. Around her waist a weapons belt of sturdy leather with a ornate scabbard with windows cut into its sides so that the golden blade within may be seen.

Public History

Roleplay Hooks

  • Pathi
  • Custos
  • Magic
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Tactics
  • Black Road
  • Shadow
  • Duty
  • Mischief
  • Air
  • Travel
  • New Things
  • Flying

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