Fullname: Ylva Ulfreydisdottir
Alias: None yet
Age1: 21
Features: Blonde, braided hair, mis-matched eyes
Height: 5'6"
House: Mandrake
Themesong: Rebel Yell, Billy Idol
Played By: Katheryn Winnick
Assignment: Trouble
Rank: Rabblerouser
Titles: Ha!


This girl is still young, on that cusp between childhood and adulthood where youthful exuberance tends to believe it has both feet firmly in the latter. Her features are sharp and have a haughty look with high cheekbones, a sharp jaw line and strong cupid bow lips. Her eyes are the most noticeable thing about her: One is a deep grey, as of thunder clouds rolling in. The other is the brightest blue as of summer skies. Blonde hair is tamed in tight corn braids that hold it back from her face in an austere look, before the tresses are allowed to drop free down her back.

She's wearing soft leather chest armor, over stitched with a mish-mash of chain mail pieces that have obviously been reused from other pieces of armor. It gives it a patchwork effect as none of the metal quite matches the others. Beneath that and visible at hem and sleeves is a woolen tunic in forest green and a pair of brown sturdy trews also cut of wool. Brown leather boots are worn on her feet, and matching leather vambraces around her wrists. A sword belt is slung around her waist, complete with a short sword.

Public History

Ylva Ulfreydisdottir arrived recently from Kitezh, washed ashore after the Kites had made land and come to Amber in search of half of her family, or so she claims. Whether she found them or not is anyone's guess, but she's remarkably silent about that. She's head strong, arrogant and gets herself easily into trouble. Rumors among the Kite say that the girl challenged the god-king on his failure to deliver a new land to them.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Kitezh
  • Warriors
  • Mandrake
  • Attitude!

Associates and Connections

Chase - That no good mercenary guy
Viktor - Mortal enemy?
Celeste - Granny!


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