Fullname: Zachary Jones-Julianson
Alias: Zach, Z, Zee-zee, Zach-attack, Twazzock
Age1: 77
Features: Black wavey hair, ice blue eyes
Height: 6'2"
House: Blood of Oberon, Blood of Storms
Themesong: TBD
Played By: Tom Mison
Assignment: Pattern Knight
Rank: None of note
Titles: Zach?


Black shoulder length hair that holds a subtle wave to it, shining with health and a touch of the wind-swept and eyes the colour of a winter's sky. He's 6'2" of toned grace and symmetrical handsomeness. Tanned cheeks sport a trim moustache and goatee about a thoroughly kissable set of lips, beneath a long, straight nose that is slender and well-proportioned. High cheekbones complete the lengthened heart shape of his face, strength in his jawline mitigating that otherwise sweetheart bone structure. His adam's apple is fairly pronounced, suggesting a deep voice.

His clothing is of practical lines, hard wearing and chosen for its strength of purpose: The hunter green jacket is of leather, high collared and full sleeved, cut with tails too to protect legs and seat when riding. From there, a touch of flare is added: turned cuffs and a double row of buttons up the front provide detailing of a neatly polished bronze, standing proud. The shirt beneath is of aqua-green linen, cut loose and flourished with a little silver knot-work around the collar. Suede breeches of a dark charcoal clothe his legs along with black cavalier boots with electric blue stitching and odd go-faster stripes slitted into the leather along the foot. On his hands are a pair of gauntlets, lined with a supple looking greenish leather; The rampant unicorn of the House of Oberon is etched into the hardened steel, whiter than the metal itself. Ancient thari script scrolls around each wrist. Aside from a couple of daggers in his boots, he appears otherwise unarmed.

Public History

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Roleplay Hooks

  • Arden: This is his birthplace and his first home. He knows a fair bit about it.
  • Armand: His identical twin. He's the one that doesn't know what a smile is.
  • Julian: The illustrious sire. He has plenty to say sometimes. Do you?
  • Martial arts: Need a sparring partner? Or maybe you need to find that lost Dojo or Sensei?
  • Fortune: Goes hand in hand with Fame. He might just want to be famous. He might just talk about it.
  • Adventure: Who doesn't like that? Oh, other than the brother-face.
  • Sea: It calls to me, but I'm not very good at heeding that call. No sailor, I.
  • Pattern: Though not as knowledgeable as more famous older relatives, Zach is no slacker in this department. Need a teacher?

Associates and Connections

  • Prince Julian, esteemed and estranged father
  • Armand, identical twin brother.
  • Harper, ranger friend.
  • Maeghan, once paramour Feldane.
  • Dashton, father of the once paramour.
  • Quinlan, strange little fox-mage.
  • Dirk, the cousin he loves to hate.
  • Melina, soft spoken wife of the cousin he loves to hate.
  • Alec, son of the cousin he loves to hate.
  • Y'letha, sweet little weir-wolf.
  • Faridah, favourite pink haired bewitchatrix.
  • Princess Fiona, scary beyond all reason.
  • Moxon, tough as nails ranger Lieutenant.
  • Aspen, PUPPY!
  • Badger, OTHER PUPPY!
  • Kiernan, shapechanging ranger friend.
  • Shao, penglai cook with extras.
  • Portia, chaos with a kitten's smile.
  • Vael, I kinda like him. Spliffy.
  • Sidonie, Bones is a good sort, she is.
  • Keryk, SPIDERS. Lotsa… no, wait…
  • Prince Caine, Not the face!



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